The Long Leisure Link #7

The-Leisure-LinkThe Leisure Link #6 had a nice variety of link-ups! Again, there was a tie for the most clicked! Here are the two featured posts. Please drop by their blogs and see what all the hub-bub is about!

Jodie’s Touch of Style shared her post “White for the Lower Half, Part 2” showcasing ways women over 50, 60, and 70 can wear white garments and look stylish and amazing!

Betty Louise at Idaho BlueBird Mysteries Galore and Photos shared her post “Travel Theme: Land Meets Water” with her colorful photos taken in California and beyond.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your posts! Remember, all of your links are shared on my Leisure Link Pinterest board.

How is Your Blog Traffic?

Many of you may have already started to see a small dip in your blog traffic as your readers take their holidays and vacations. And you may not be blogging as much either. You know what? It’s OK. We have lives… lives filled with leisure.

If you are taking a break from blogging, you can let your readers know in several ways.
1. Simply write a post telling readers that you are on vacation until a particular date.
2. Put a text widget in your sidebar with similar information.
3. If you are taking a break but are still posting, you can of course, pre-schedule your posts in advance.
4. A note that you may not be reading and commenting on others’ blogs is also a nice courtesy.

The Leisure Link will take a short vacation during August and part of September.

With that said, I am extending this week’s Leisure Link from July 23 through August 1. This will give us all time to link up and read each other’s great posts!

Summer vacations are upon us, and I will be traveling each weekend in August, then I am back to teaching on August 31. The following weekend is Labor Day here in the states.

So link up your favorite posts about anything related to leisure, recreation, whatever makes you happy! Go dig through an older post and link that! You have two weeks to link them before we take our summer break for OUR much needed leisure time!!

To celebrate the summer break, all posts shared on The Leisure Link #7 will be featured on my wrap-up post in early August!

The Leisure Link will return in mid-September. Check your e-mail in box and your WordPress reader. Don’t forget to click on the blue frog here.

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    Happy Thursday! This is a reminder that The Leisure Link #7 is still live and will accept your wonderful posts about the fun activities you are doing through this Saturday. Please link-up and visit some of the links already there.

    All linked posts will be featured on my blog next week and are all pinned to my Leisure Link Pinterest board.


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  3. liferedesign101

    Thanks for hosting Terri- this is such a busy time! We have events every weekend from now into mid-September. It is hard to keep up the blogging. I always heard people say they have never been so busy since retiring and i would laugh. Now I barely have time to get my laundry done!!!

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