Summer Fun at The Leisure Link #6

The-Leisure-LinkThe Leisure Link #5 was a success after taking a short break for the holiday weekend! There were some new bloggers who linked up and I am happy to see my faithful bloggers linking each week.

This week’s link-up had 20 links and over 100 hits. We had one clear winner and one close runner-up.

Congratulate (and visit) See Fleck Run’s post titled “It’s Time to Lose the Judgey Tights.” What do YOU like to wear for your workout?

As you consider your next work-out, come visit our runner-up, Debbie In Shape’s post on hydration on her Tip Tuesday link up. While you are there, please link up!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your fabulous and informational posts on The Leisure Link.

Now that we are half-way through July, how are you summer vacation plans coming along? Even if you are in the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere, I’m sure you are finding fun leisure activities in which to participate!

I look forward to reading about your summer adventures.

Come link up on Thursday, July 16 (7:00am PST) through Saturday July 18 (6:00pm)! Click on the blue frog or visit the Leisure Link page.

9 thoughts on “Summer Fun at The Leisure Link #6

  1. Joined in on the fun today! Finally found some bloggers in my phase of life! YEAH, now the party begins. Thanks for hosting Terri, love to meet new faces around these parts. Have a fantastic Thursday!

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  2. Oh wow! Thank you, Terri! I certainly didn’t expect to receive so much attention, but I appreciate it so much! I’ve been busy enjoying my summer and am behind on writing my next post… I’m hoping to have it up by the end of the week, but that’ll depend on whether I spend time outside enjoying the “leisure life”! 🙂

    Thanks again!

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