35 Pelicans: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Most bloggers know of Cee’s Photography Challenges. Her latest challenge is the Fun Foto Challenge: More Than 5 Items.

Here is my entry for this challenge: I present 35 pelicans. That’s six times the required number, so I win. (What, I don’t know…).

35-PelicansI must have photographed this from my stand-up paddleboard last time we were in La Ventana, Mexico. The morning sun rises onto the Sea of Cortez illuminating the campground and bluffs. The pelicans float here patiently waiting for fish.

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I am also submitting this for Sunday Stills.

13 thoughts on “35 Pelicans: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

    1. In this case I just had my old digital camera. I stuck it in a zip lock bag in a fanny pack, (Praying I wouldn’t fall in –I did but it was OK). Recently, I tried my phone in a special bag, but unless I take it all the way out, it does not take good pictures. One of these days, maybe Santa will bring me a Go-Pro.


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