“Who Says Adults Can’t Have Recess?”


When was the last time you played kickball or dodge ball? It has been a long time, I’m sure. The other night I had the opportunity to watch my twenty-something-aged daughter play kickball in an organized league. Then I saw these t-shirts!

Going for the catch

In Sacramento, traditional recreation and park departments provide a variety of recreational and competitive adult sports leagues like softball, bocce, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball, masters swimming, etc. After all, adults need their recreation activities and leisure escapes, too!

When a government agency can’t offer certain sports due to staffing, facilities and funding, outside groups also sponsor adult recreational activities.

“Who says adults can’t have recess?” is the slogan for XOSO Sports and Social League. They provide social sports leagues (affectionately called “beer leagues”) like kickball, dodge ball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee and softball. This organization relies on sponsorships from a variety of bars and restaurants to help pay for field rental fees, equipment and supplies, which in turn, give discounts to players in the leagues.

Kickball Pre-game Huddle

Many of these leagues are more recreational in nature and not as competitive, which attracts folks who may not be as athletic as players in other leagues. I have played many co-ed softball games in my day and witnessed the uber-competitive nature on the ball field. It ain’t pretty.

I compare these types of leagues to college campus intramural sports, which foster a much healthier environment for adult play, making it accessible for anyone who wants to just have fun with their friends. The opportunity for socialization after the game is half the fun!

And who doesn’t want to go out and play a fun game of adult kickball?

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35 thoughts on ““Who Says Adults Can’t Have Recess?”

  1. liferedesign101

    I love the shirts- but I have nightmares about balls being blasted towards me in Dodgeball in high school- visions I would rather not remember! Those of us with depth perception issues didn’t do so well with Dodgeball!

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  4. I’m in! I think it is a great idea and gets people moving which I am always happy about. It is a great way to socialize as well. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes link up and see you next week.

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  5. In my school district, we have teams made up of teachers/staff (and sometimes their spouses, et. al.) that represent each school play against each other in kickball, volleyball, and softball (in that order through the course of the year). It’s great fun, even if a select few do take it a bit too seriously 😉

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  6. I’m not much of an athlete and quite frankly was kind of bored at recess every day when I was a kid but now, I do anything for a break in the day! I would, of course, need to be a cheerleader on the sidelines since I have absolutely no eye-hand coordination…wait, that requires coordination too doesn’t it? Damn…ok, I will bring the refreshments 🙂

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  7. Cook With a Shoe

    I would do something like this, where the sport is more about having fun than being competitive. I take every chance I can to run around and play with the kids I know. So much fun and laughing keeps you young. #FridayBlogBooster

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  8. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    My wife and son just finished a kickball league where we live. I watched a few games and it looked real fun – so I wanna be part of the action next time around!

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  9. As a substitute teacher I often sub in gym classes. I could stand and supervise the class playing, but there’s no fun in that. I play with them! I play with everyone from kindergarten (called primary here) to 12th grade! 😀

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