The New and Improved Leisure Link

With the Independence holiday behind me, I can go back to the care and feeding of The Leisure Link! I hope that you will consider joining the link-up if you haven’t yet, or just come and re-join the party!


During the summer, there are a lot more opportunities for leisure, whether it is playing golf, attending a social event, taking a cruise, or just relaxing in your own backyard. Share a post describing a great summer BBQ recipe, your fabulous trip abroad, or what clothes you recommend for a trip to Hawaii or to wear to a wedding. Did you compete in a 5K run or visit your favorite team’s game? Did anyone watch the US women win the 2015 Soccer World Cup?

Tell us how you may have had to adjust your exercise routine due to the heat (or cold), or what you recommend for planting in your summer garden. Do you blog about book reviews? Share your post about what is on your summer reading list. Share some photos of your vacation so the rest of us can live vicariously through you!

You can share an older post or two; it does not have to be your most recent one.

Just about anything we enjoy can be related to leisure.

The Leisure Link is a great forum for meeting other bloggers and finding new blogs to read. And we LOVE to read, right?

Note the new days are Thursday 7:00 AM through Saturday, 6:00 PM

Link here to the Leisure Link page for more information or go straight to the link-up. Click on that little blue frog image and see you inside!

7 thoughts on “The New and Improved Leisure Link

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