A Well-Garnished Life

Are you living a well-garnished life?

This idea has several meanings, the first and obvious definition is “adornment or decoration.” Another meaning is that, we, as individuals, want to live our lives to the fullest, and with pizazz.

For many, fashion accessories create that feeling of pizazz. And nothing says well-garnished like carefully-chosen accessories, tailored just for you.

Enter Above Time, a new company on the verge of launching must-have fashion accessories and products. Above Time’s mission is to provide high quality products for the classy, fly, and natural person to live a well-garnished life.

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“Above Time is about living in the moment and not letting time get the best of you.”

The San Diego-based company will launch its line of bow-ties and accessories on August 28, 2015, with a premier to showcase the brand on August 15.

Created and co-founded by Carey A. Reddick II and brother Christian D. Reddick, they began by “designing and producing hand-made bow-ties that they creatively pair with socks in unique and sometimes radical combinations.”

Bow-ties have made a come-back in the world of fashion accessories in the last few years. But these are not your grandfather’s bow-ties. Notable celebrities are seen wearing bow-ties for every occasion. Men (and women!) of all ages are now sporting bow-ties for both formal and everyday wear.

As a fashion statement, the bow-tie has a long history dating back to the mid-1880s, as a staple in the fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. Worn mostly to accessorize formal wear such as tuxedos, “black-tie attire” was haute couture at formal events for decades.Above-Time-Image F

Even women such as Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn, took to wearing bow-ties and menswear as a statement against the typical female fashion dictates of the early 20th century.

The bow-tie has evolved into an everyday fashion statement for both men and women, who can be seen wearing them for every occasion.

Today’s connoisseurs recognize this long standing fashion accessory but now want luxe materials in their bow-ties, including silk, organic hemp and leather.

What sets Above Time apart from other accessory lines is their commitment to creating unique designs using luxe and vintage materials.

Above Time is not just another fashion accessory line. Reddick emphasizes that Above Time’s San Diego roots are important because everything about the company is local to San Diego and Southern California living.

For example, Los Angeles indie-film actor, Matthew McKelligon will be sporting the bow-ties at the August 15th premier.

“We want to support the local community by providing jobs and opportunities within all aspects of Above Time, including the PR and production teams, brand ambassadors and models, seamstresses, and other supporting staff.”

In fact, some of the proceeds will go to support Interactions for Peace, an organization dedicated to promoting Bullying Awareness.

Above-Time bow-ties and products will be sold in boutiques and in online stores for easy, global access.

For more information, please contact Above Time.

This is a sponsored post written by Terri Webster Schrandt for Above Time

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  2. Love a bow tie although not enough men wear them. I love the guy on ‘Bargain Hunt’ in the UK who always sports a waistcoat and matching bowtie plus matching glasses frames. He always looks dapper!
    thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom and apologies for the link problem. 🙂

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  3. LifestyleswithLia

    What an interesting company with classic yet modern design…and living a well-garnished life is definitely a phrase to ponder about! Bowties are super cool and the models definitely have nailed the look!
    It’s nice that Above Time is a company that supports the local economy in San Diego/Southern California.
    Cheers to you, Terri! I enjoyed this post!

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      1. LifestyleswithLia

        Oh that’s AWESOME! Congrats on being their official blogger and for his amazing line! There’s lots of creativity in your family!!

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