Cover Makeover Challenge

For the PhotoRehab Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by my talented photographer gals Lucile and DesleyJane, I am posting my version of the book cover.

“What’s the theme? To make a cover for the book, CD or movie that we will share with you every Thursday. This week’s theme is: ‘THE LONG WAY HOME’. A book from Louise Penny.”


I used PicMonkey to edit a photo of an old house I shot in the foothills of Northern California. I posterized the photo so that you can still see that some windows are broken. The original photo was little blurry. I created a canvas and added the photo and text. Not stunning, but it is what it is… My photo was not large enough. Next time. And if this was supposed to be in black and white…also next time!

This is a great challenge because it involves photography and cover design. Now I know why I do not do this for a living!

Join the Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge! That is…if you are up for it!


7 thoughts on “Cover Makeover Challenge

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri! Your cover is very cool! I like the yellows that pop from the cover page and the type you chose to write the author’s name…Looks very “Murder, She Wrote” style from a typewriter…
    I can see the broken windows on the house…it adds a air of mystery to your cover!
    Keep up the good work! Look forward to next Thursday’s creation!

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    1. Thank you!! You are way too kind, my friend. Designing a cover is harder than it appears. My photo did not do what I wanted it to, but that’s what I came up with! Would you buy the book based on it’s cover? LOL!


  3. Love it Terri! It looks like a real cover. I love the idea of having blocks of colour above and below the photo. And no, it doesn’t need to be b&w. Well done and thanks for joining in!!

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