The Leisure Link Takes a Holiday

The-Leisure-LinkFor those of you following The Leisure Link (my weekly link party), with the Independence Day holiday weekend coming up, I will resume the link up next Thursday, July 9. Yes, this is a new day for the link-up.

My summer weekends have become more leisurely with windsurfing and camping. This is a very good thing! The bad thing is that I cannot attend to the link party to my satisfaction, when some days I do not have wi-fi, or I am just too busy having fun.

The Leisure Link will be open Thursday through Saturday, days when people tend to blog more. The next link up begins July 9.

To wrap up week 4, we had some great posts related to leisure. I have received wonderful feedback from bloggers who now have new followers and readers to their blogs! Yay!!

This week, I have three blogs I would like to feature. Two were tied for the most clicks and the other fits the theme for the upcoming July 4th holiday.

In “Sunday Funday” Fanny Frankfurter describes how she loves to spend her Sundays in nature and ends her blog with a youtube performance by artist Zoe Keating.

Julia from My Red Page, shows us how to rock any dress with the right accessories, for a dinner out or on a date, in “The Dress Edit.”

Honorable mention goes to a blogger who I consider a friend. FlagHer post on Retirementally Challenged, “Awe Creators, describes some of the national parks in the United States and the vision that created these incredible leisure spaces, without which, we would be a much poorer country. Courage and vision like this is why we love our country and are proud to celebrate our nation’s 239th birthday!

Please stop by these blogs and take a look.

For anyone celebrating a long holiday weekend, I wish you wonderful leisure and family time.

And a heartfelt thanks from me for your participation!

Come back on Thursday, July 9 for The Leisure Link 5!

25 thoughts on “The Leisure Link Takes a Holiday

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  2. Enjoy your holiday! No wonder I didn’t receive any reminder this weekend. Now I know that the link up is postponed to Thursday. Looking forward to all posts of The Leisure Link. I had great fun reading them.

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  3. Good for you Terri, weekends should be about family and fun. I would actually prefer the link on Thursdays! Happy 4th of July weekend, I hope there is a lot of wind! Michele

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  4. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri! Have an amazing, leisurely Fourth of July weekend! I hope it’s one full of fun with lots of water and wind!
    I’ll be spending time at home, away from the traffic on the road…I am grateful to celebrate this holiday and the birthday of the U.S.!
    All the best to you, my friend,

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    1. Thanks so much, dear Lia! I have a couple of posts up my sleeve (how about you?)…but I intend to be busy with wind-related fun. Sounds like you will have a great weekend too, Can you believe it has been 239 years for the birth of our country?

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      1. LifestyleswithLia

        I look forward to reading you (as always 🙂
        Your weekend I’m sure will be lots of fun! Yes, I can’t believe it’s our 239th birthday…I was around for the bicentennial and time surely flies!
        PS: I just just today posted Stinkbug Part 3! You are a very integral part of those who got me inspired to continue it!

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  5. That’s the very best reason to adjust your dates… you are just having too much fun! Thanks for the shout-out for my Awe Creators post! We, as Americans, are so blessed to have these amazing national treasures.

    Have a fabulous 4th of July, my friend!

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  6. Thank you so much for the mention, really appreciate it:)
    I’ve really enjoyed discovering new blogs through The Leisure Link!
    Enjoy your weekend and celebrate in style!

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