How Do You Do?

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To kick off week four of The Leisure Link, I want you to try a little experiment.

To preface this, when introducing yourself to someone new, what do you say?

Traditionally, we say something like, “Hello, my name is Terri and I am a lecturer at a university.” What do you notice here? When we introduce ourselves, we add what it is we DO…as in our job or vocation.

“What do you do for a living?” is probably the second most-asked question in social settings besides, “what is your name?” In Western culture, work seems to define us—we are what we do.

Work is something we prepare for our entire lives. While this is not a problem, our careers only take up one-third of our time, at least theoretically. What are we doing with the rest of our time? In a previous post I introduced the concept of leisure time.

How often are we asked, “So, what do you do in your spare time?”

Not that often. If our spare time makes up another third of our life, shouldn’t we identify ourselves by our favorite leisure pastime?

Here is the experiment: Next time you introduce yourself to someone new, say (for example) “Hi, I’m Terri and I am a windsurfer.” Try it…say it out loud right now. “Hello, I am (insert your name) and I am a (insert: tennis player? crafter? softball player? guitar player? travel buff?)…you get the idea.

That ought to raise an eyebrow or two!

Now that you further understand the concept of leisure, you can use this new-found wisdom to share a post related to leisure.


The Leisure Link 3 was a success. We had 20 links and a great variety of leisure-related posts. I am happy to announce that there was a tie for the top two links.

Leanne’s post, from Cresting the Hill was titled “Feeling a Bit Crazy; I Bought a Bike.” Leanne describes her experiences after quitting her job and suddenly having leisure time. So she bought a bicycle.

Tied with Leanne’s post was “Stomper Dad’s” post from All In a Dad’s Work: “My Summer Bucket List.” This dad describes all the fun things he will do all summer with his boys “Crash” and “Bang!” You get the idea!

Please stop by and read these great posts! Every participant’s blog post was pinned to my Pinterest board dedicated to The Leisure Link.

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21 thoughts on “How Do You Do?

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  2. You are correct about defining ourselves by what we do for a living. Now that I am retired, I have struggled with the “What do you do?” question. I sometimes just say that I’m retired and I am enjoying the freedom to do what I want. That usually is enough to get the conversation going… or they slowly slip way if, when hearing that I am no longer employed, I become less interesting. Either way, it’s a good thing.

    Thanks again for the link-up!

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  3. Hi I am Nancy and I am a singer/songwriter.

    this post is so good– many people do what they must– to to obtain income, and may feel embarrassed by it…but it should not define them–i.e. working at Home Depot, etc… (making allowances for those who work at Home Depot or similar jobs and actually love what they do–which is entirely possible)

    It may be a stop gap job while they are training, making art, etc…so Home Depot clerk is not who they are.

    The essence of the person is what they love to do, whether that happens to bring them income or not. And when I meet someone new, I love to discover what their passion in life is.

    Next time I meet someone, I will ask, “What is your favorite hobby?”

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