Monthly Photo Challenge: Dry June

The first half of the month of June has brought record heat and record rain. And record dryness as the drought continues to plague California.

For Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge: The changing seasons, I am adding these photos.

You can see that despite the vivid, green leaves on trees and plants, the grass is getting drier by the day. I took this photo on Wednesday just before it rained. It rarely rains in June so a drip would likely break a record.


We can only water two days a week with some severe restrictions as to times. Most people are choosing not to water their lawns, and the media recommends watering the trees to keep them alive. Grass is easier to replace! The shade from trees can help reduce energy use. My trees are older and well-established so they do not need much water. There still may be a little bit of a water table for long roots to be able to tap into.

While photographing last week, my dogs photobombed the shot. You can see just how dry the grass is compared to Gideon’s white coat.

Dry yard photobombed by dogs

As I am writing this post, the media is reporting that farmers are being told they may not be able to pump water even with their constitutional water rights. The US federal government is ready to spend over $168 million for drought relief aid in seven states, for jobs lost because of the drought and to boost fire-fighting efforts when fire season begins. Everything is already so dry that grass fires are beginning to spring up in many areas.

Gotta love this photo of the temperature chart taken Friday.

Our weather caster enjoying this crazy chart

Here is a gallery of photos taken from the last five challenges to give you an idea of the changing seasons.

If you see an inordinate amount of water-themed photos on my blog over the summer, you now know that I am doing my best to conserve water–by taking photos of it before it disappears for good. Stay tuned for what my yard will look like over the next couple of months.


Check out the changing seasons on Cardinal Guzman’s blog.

21 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Dry June

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  2. I loved seeing the changes the apple tree went through. Your choice for the challenge was pragmatic and simple, and delivered the best for the challenge’s theme.
    I wish I had done the same. Every month I do something different and it is lots of work and time…

    On another note, how sad and serious to hear about the drought. If I could I would sen our rain your way.


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    1. Thank you, Lucile! I originally thought I would go to the nearby park each time, but the Maple does put on a pretty good display. I have gotten some interesting surrounding shots from each month that I didn’t plan. We’re hearing that El Nino may be on it’s way to change our weather pattern. Cross your wet fingers 🙂


  3. WOW, 105 degrees is so hot. Although some parts of Canada are drier, where I live we never think of drought. Living in the shadow of the Great lakes provides lots of moisture in the form of rain in summer and snow in winter. Hopefully you will have rain real soon.

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      1. Here in Brisbane, there’s not a lot that changes year round. Some of the trees lose their leaves in winter, but not much else… So I love seeing the northern hemisphere at work 😀

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  4. liferedesign101

    I just drove home four hours in Pouring Rain which was NOT fun! We have enough for now, but rain is scheduled every day this week. I, too, would send you some!

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  5. I wish we could send you our rain from Savusavu..just had a deluge here. Thank goodness I live on an ‘ark’ (sailboat ;-). Totally agree with @stomperdad that it seems like you’ve got a Grapes of Wrath thing going on and too hope that it doesn’t get to dustbowl proportions. Love the idea of a rock garden!.

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  6. Do you used California native plants or drought resistance plants? Your yard lwould be a good demonstration model for the use of them. I am amass that are not used more as California has some of our lovely plants

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  7. I wish we could send all our rain down your way. Best of luck coping and hopefully the trees make it and the fires don’t begin or can be contained. Drought can be a scary thing, clearly.

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  8. Wow. This is incredible. I sense a Grapes of Wrath kind of drought is in progress. Thanks for the photos. They really bring to life what you are experiencing out west. Meanwhile, I’m having to mow our yard every week to keep it from turning into a hay field.

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