Wet Dogs and Weather

As I prepare this post, it is actually raining (well, sprinkling)! Why does that matter? Our drought-ridden state is getting a nice drink of water thanks to an early season monsoon that moved up from Mexico. Summers in Sacramento are mostly dry (not humid, thank goodness) and mostly hot. Two days ago it was 102! Now it is 71 degrees at 3:00pm and rainy.

And the ground is WET! Just in time for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Wet.

The two photos submitted define WET. These photos were both taken at an event I used to run, called Doggy Dip Day, where the dogs can go swimming in the public pool at the end of the season.

This big lug was captured in mid-shake by my talented photographer friend Kimberly Ann Glaster.

Doggy Dip Day event. original image by Kimberly Ann Glaster

This little guy looks like he took one dip too many in the pool and is deciding what to do next.

Doggy Dip Day event. Original image by Kimberly Ann Glaster

I have featured several of Kimberly’s images on my blog (cropped and edited), used with her permission. Please stop by Kimberly’s blog and check out her photos!

21 thoughts on “Wet Dogs and Weather

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    Hi Terri!
    Your doggie photos are so cute!!! I especially like the little guy 🙂
    I’m glad it rained a bit out there…much, much needed precipitation!
    I have to share with you something I saw this morning that really disturbed me (sorry to sound glum)..
    Here in NYC, there are many fire hydrants on the side of the curb…this morning, on my way to work, there was a hydrant that was opened and water was literally GUSHING out of it…a river of water was streaming down the street…I saw a cop on the corner and told her about it..I hope someone will come to close it. Seeing the waste of water really broke my heart!!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend…
    Sending you all my very best,

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