The Leisure Link: How to Promote Your Blog Using Link-Ups

Today marks my first Link-Up for The Leisure Link!


Let me explain this concept before I introduce my newest link-up party at the end of this post. Some of you may wonder what a link-up is. Link-Ups or Linky Parties are tools for promoting your blog posts. There are countless link-ups being offered on a weekly basis.


Here are some tips for sharing your posts:

1. Don’t be afraid to link up on a “small” blog. Yes, linking to a “large” blog can bring more viewers to your blog, but your post could get lost in the sea of other thumbnails.

2. Be sure to have a good image that highlights your topic’s subject. Images are still the most powerful tool for bringing readers to your blog. All link-ups use thumbnails as square images, so you will need to crop your image a bit. Since images are the first thing people will see, and can be very small in the link-up, make that image stand out!

3. Many link parties have requirements for linking up. Please read the guidelines, then follow your host! Comment on the link party page and thank the host for providing the link-up. It is customary to read at least two other posts that are linked. Sharing and commenting on those posts is the right thing to do at a link party. After you link, the link tool prompts you to share the party on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, so other people can find it.

4. Choose link-ups that fit your blog. If you write about DIY or share recipes, look for link-ups that focus on those themes. If you find a fitness link-up, then share a post about fitness or wellness. For example, posting a topic about how to fix your car on a “Mommy” blog may not get a lot of readers (unless it’s a step-by-step how to change a flat).

5. Getting featured will score you serious traffic! Most link parties will feature the best blog posts from the week. One of the main reasons for participating a link party is to gain traffic, so visit some of the other bloggers who have linked up and let them know you stopped by. It will not only give you a chance to support others who are trying to grow their blog, but it will also give them a chance to visit your blog, if they haven’t yet.

I have had the honor of being featured several times on two different link parties (see my sidebar). It is extremely validating to me as a blogger to know that other bloggers read my posts and think they are good enough to be featured.

When asked why join a link party, according to another blogger, “You could get featured! Many, but not all, blog link-up parties will feature 3 or more posts from the previous week’s link up. And often they will share, pin, and promote the posts they feature on their various social media channels.” This means you could potentially get a much bigger traffic boost! Even if there is no featured blogger, you can still expect some traffic!

6. Do not link and run—major faux-pas! If you participate in a link-up, be prepared to spend a few moments reading, commenting, and sharing. Isn’t that what building a blogging community is about? You are not expected to read every post shared, but try to find a few that look interesting to you and leave a meaningful comment, letting them know you that you read their content, and you found them from that link party.

7. Most link-ups have a banner you can place on your blog, whether in your sidebar, your post, or in your gallery of challenges and awards. If you are a featured blogger, display the “badge of honor” on your page. This also shows your readers and visitors to your blog that you participate which may send them to the link up.

8. When linking up be sure to consider these two important steps:

  • When entering the URL, do NOT link up to your homepage. You must link up to a SPECIFIC blog post. As much as you love everything you write, a link party is not for sharing your entire blog.
  • Where it prompts you to include “Name” do NOT enter your name! Use the title of your post here.

Now that you know the what, how and why…drum roll please…

Join my weekly Link Up to promote your blog posts. The Leisure Link accepts any post related to all things leisurely and recreational.

How do YOU define leisure? Is it creating a wonderful new recipe for a potluck or family gathering? Is leisure for you traveling to new, exciting places? How about telling us about your favorite hobbies, DIY craft projects, — by the way, blogging is a hobby for many of us! Share your posts about your favorite leisure places and spaces—the community park, a national park, your experience on your last cruise.

Whatever you blog about, whether it is fitness, children’s activities, recreational sports, or your favorite holiday traditions, the sky is the limit.

The Leisure Link is open Sundays through Tuesdays.

I hope you found this information useful and that you will link up to The Leisure Link!

47 thoughts on “The Leisure Link: How to Promote Your Blog Using Link-Ups

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  2. Hi, Terri! Thank you for visiting my blog today, and this post sounds very interesting. I’ll come back at a more “leisurely” time to read it through, as I’m home for a quick lunch and I must get back to work soon.

    Blessings for a lovely day,

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  5. Thanks for the great tips. I mostly write about running and exercise. Not sure some people would consider that leisure! :-).

    I’ve just started consistently joining linkups. I want to join ones that fit my niche, or it doesn’t make sense. There are so many out there, though, it’s hard to pick! #BlogBoosterParty

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    1. Working out is definitely leisure! It’s our choice for wellness and that is at the heart of leisure. I would love it if you would link up your exercise posts to #TheLeisureLink (starts Sunday). Thanks for the lovely comment!


  6. Hi Terri love the link up and thanks for the great tips. I soon realized that even though it is tempting to link up to as many as you can there is no point if your blog doesn’t fit. Thank you for sharing with #WEdnesdaysWisdom and look forward to linking up Sunday

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  7. chbernard

    I love your point Terri, they are right on point! Congratulations on the 1st Leisure Link Party! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party! I hope you will party with us again next week!

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  8. Your post is right on time, Terri! I have just start participating in link ups. I will definitely be jotting your link up party schedule down. #WednesdaysWisdom

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  9. I would love to link up but, for some reason, I keep getting an error message. Something about not being able to find my pictures. You did a great job of explaining the concept and it seems straightforward enough. I guess I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, I’m enjoying visiting the other blogs.

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      1. I never even thought of reading a short story as leisure, but you are so right. I only published a short story on my blog last Saturday so I’m guessing it’s already too late to add? If so, then I’ll certainly participate in one of your future link ups as it is all very new to me and sounds very exciting.

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  10. Hi Terri – great post and a good reminder about all the etiquette that goes with link parties – I don’t think I blog enough about leisure activities – your party might be an incentive – especially now that I have more time on my hands!

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  12. My blog is about my city, Braga in Portugal, I write about the things that please me when I wander through it. I have added a link about how meat puff pastry is connected to Roman ruins. Thank you for letting me join the link party! I think I have accomplished all the steps that are required! Thanks again!

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  13. I love music as a leisure activity, although it can also make work more enjoyable too. Also, I like sharing music with others via my blog. It’s nice to make common connections via shared music interests, and it offers an great opportunity to introduce music and artists to my followers. To participate in The Leisure Link, I have added a link with piano music by Brian Crain, which includes a Spotify playlist of 75 songs (almost 5 hours). Thanks for inviting me to join the link party.

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