Cold Days

For Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Weekly Photo Challenge–the Seasons, this week’s theme is COLD.

Is it cold where you are? We are expecting temperatures in the upper 80s by the end of this week, after unseasonably cooler days with clouds the last couple of weeks.

This photo shows a cold snowstorm that hit my dad’s place up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s four years ago.


If that doesn’t make you say “brrrr,” then here’s a nice bowl of dry ice for you. Some frozen dinners I ordered came packed in it and my hubbie thought it would be fun to play with the dry ice.


If you feel hot, let these two photos cool you down. If you are feeling cold…I got nothin’…at least in this post.

At any time, you can join Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Weekly Photo Challenge–the Seasons.

22 thoughts on “Cold Days

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  2. Love the picture of the dry Ice. It’s super cool! (Pun intended ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I’m in central Illinois right now and it’s been so humid while we’ve been here. The cold actually looks a bit welcoming (though I’m sure the dry ice would be quite unpleasant).

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