Lady bugs weave an intricate trail on this tree.
Lady-Bugs-LifeThese lady bugs, (actually Asian Lady beetles) swarm at the river’s edge on the sandbags we use for our windsurf launch.


Why do lady bugs swarm? Read more about it here. Remember, these beetles are beneficial and eat aphids and other hateful bugs that plague our gardens.

Join me at The Clinic–PhotoRehab101 hosted by my buddy Lucile DeGodoy!

23 thoughts on “Lady Bugs’ Intricate Life

  1. Great pics Terri! I took some shots last year of a swarm of lady bugs and they were an amazing sight. We call them ladybirds here – just an interesting fact I thought I’d share with you 🙂

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  2. Such beautiful snaps of such lovely creatures! And speaking of lovely, I think your new photo is great too! You look SOOOO Happy. Glad to hang with you in the clinic. I am working on another ‘in-clinic’ post right now. Should be out shortly!

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  3. Terri! I love ladybugs: ) your post heralds in the start of spring too!
    Sorry for replying so late.. It’s proving to be a busy week at work!
    Cheers to you my friend and happy Wednesday!

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      1. Yes, these little critters don’t scare me at all!
        Oh a bee swarm photo? Hmm, very interesting and a bit scarier!
        Thanks, things are starting to slow down and I’m catching up on reading blogs 🙂 Something I love to do!

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  4. When ladybugs come to your yard there is a mixed blessing. Ladybugs are beneficial but then it also means you probably have aphids on your plants. I wonder…are they all “ladies”? What do the male asian beetles look like? LOL (I’m serious)

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  5. Lady bugs are so cute! I’ve never seen so many at one time in person until I lived in the mountains of Virginia. We lived deep in the woods, so lady bugs came out in droves like your photo above.

    Thanks for sharing your photos at Inspire Me Monday!

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