Weekend Coffee Share: The End of Days

Are you available for a coffee chat today? Did you find that April ended too quickly and was altogether too busy? Before we start, how would you like your coffee today? It’s hot outside, so I’m going with an iced mocha—nonfat and light ice, please.

Weekend Coffee Share

For many of my fellow bloggers, April was busy with challenges, like the A to Z Challenge and Writing 101. If we were having coffee I would tell you how much I enjoyed reading the variety of posts reflecting these challenges. I was also very excited to read some of my favorite bloggers’ posts as they tackled these prompts. I also met some “new” bloggers that I am happily following.

I took up the Writing 101 challenge and indeed, I was challenged. I know my limitations and boundaries as a writer of mostly non-fiction, news and feature writing. Some of the prompts were met with raised eyebrows but others inspired me to write about a subject I had been dreading.

The prompt, “Serially Lost” inspired me to write about my dog Oreo, who died of old age, but under circumstances where I was not there to send him to the Rainbow Bridge. This has haunted me all of these four years and writing about it was cathartic and enabled me to accept what happened and celebrate my sweet dog’s life. Yes, his days ended, but his memory endures.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you felt you had accomplished April’s tasks and challenges. We celebrated Easter and Hanukkah and enjoyed Spring breaks. Many of you were elated that Spring finally sprung and celebrated with photos of glorious flowers, tulips, poppies and hints of outdoor leisure activities to come.

Like some of you, I also joined Facebook’s Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of April, which just ended. The challenge was to share one post a day for 30 days. Here I also found some new blogs to follow and gained some new followers.

Speaking of followers, my blog is on the verge of gaining 500 followers. My philosophy is “follow my blog and I will follow yours back!” For this milestone I have a cool surprise planned. So stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed this coffee chat as much as I did today. Even as the 30 days of April and all its activities have come to an end, May promises to be full of potential. Enjoy your week!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The End of Days

  1. I’m so glad to have May here because it’s Fibromyalgia Awareness month and I blog about fibromyalgia. It’s that time of year people are seeking information about fibromyalgia, so it’s that time for me to ‘shine’. Oh, and summer is around the corner!! Yay!

    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday!


  2. emilia m.

    my coffee? Always very strong and no additives please 😀

    congrats on all 3 challenges 😀
    and on nearing a whooping 500 milestone! 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you stopped by to join us for coffee. These are fun posts that get people knowing other people aside from their blogging and they really are fun. I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier or I would have stopped by a lot earlier. I’ll do better next time.

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  4. Hello, partner in crime! Its been quite a ride this month, but you marveled at it. Going outside your comfort zone, and excelling in new writing styles than the one you believed was the only one. I saw great posts filled with emotion and great narratives. So, a writer of fiction is born.
    ‘Serially Lost’ was touching and I am happy it served a wonderful purpose, as you know can move on and celebrate his memory.
    Congratulations on your upcoming 500! Way to go. You’ll get to 1000 very soon.

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  5. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri, I swear as I type, I’ve got a cup of coffee right next to me! It’s black with no sugar, the way I like it!
    It’s true that April flew by…I’m glad however in a way, since that means the warmer, sunnier May weather is finally here.
    I am so glad to know that the Writing 101 (especially writing about Oreo) has been such a great experience for you. I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about you through this writing project.
    And yes, I too have marveled in all the great spring photos posted — the blooming flowers and trees…we breathe a collective sigh of relief that winter is finally through…
    Wow, wow, wow almost 500 followers? That’s amazing! I’m looking forward to the post you’ll write…If I could follow you again, I would 🙂 But I’m only allowed 1 follow 🙂 Lol!
    All my best to you, dear Terri, as we embark on May’s beauty…who knows what wonderful things this month will bring us!

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