Reflections of a Solar Eclipse

For Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge, I am submitting these photos for the theme of “Sun.”

In 2012, there was a solar eclipse visible in Northern California. The conditions were right for us to watch this rare cosmic event through the filter of the trees in our front yard. A few moments later I turned around and noticed the how the filtered reflections of the eclipse danced on the side of the house like crescent kites.

Reflections from the solar eclipse are filtered through the trees.

And just for fun, I included the requisite sunset photo at the Sacramento Delta.

Sun sets on stand-up paddlers on the delta

14 thoughts on “Reflections of a Solar Eclipse

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    Very cool crescents ! I’ve never seen a solar eclipse … I can imagine the awesome sight!
    And ahhhh, what a lovely scene on the water…
    Lovely pics, my friend!
    Cheers !

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  3. This is absolutely lovely! Canterbury had a 70% visible solar eclipse a few weeks ago, but England being England, it was too cloudy to see! I made cardboard ‘viewers’ and everything. Oh well. I love your images!

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