The Yin and Yang of Powerless Cows

“Cows” is the theme for Ed’s Sunday Stills this week. Here are two photos I took today at the Sacramento Delta near where we windsurf.

In the shadow of the power lines, the cows recline as if to finish getting their infusion of power.


Two cows seem conjoined at the hip. Their opposite colors of black and white give the illusion of yin and yang.

They are still waiting for their power infusion.

These lounging cows seems to be conjoined at the hip.

Hope you are enjoying (or already enjoyed) your Sunday afternoon!

22 thoughts on “The Yin and Yang of Powerless Cows

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      1. S. Robert Cyre

        Yeah, well, it’s been twelve yrs since I lived there. Anyways, Canadians don’t call it Canadian bacon. It’s called back bacon. We were convinced that pigs from California were actually the source of Canadian bacon. Even as I come to tell you this story now, I realize how foolish I am for thinking that bacon of any kind could come from Californian cows. lol!

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