It Never… I Mean… Always Rains in Portland

The new One Word Photo Challenge series is here! The challenge moved from colors to weather! This week’s photo challenge is Rain!

We oftentimes spend Thanksgiving vacations in Oregon and Washington where we have relatives. On our way out of Portland driving to Spokane in 2011, I caught this photo of downtown Portland from my car window on a (SURPRISE!) rainy day.


Below is the original photo. The edits were done in PicMonkey.

original photo

By the way, I love Portland. I’ll even take the rain. I have forgotten a little what rain is. Can someone remind me?

10 thoughts on “It Never… I Mean… Always Rains in Portland

  1. I love PicMonkey 😀 It has saved me many hours of searching for the right effects in Photoshop 😛 And what a wonderful scenery this is ❤ Too bad you don't get to see it often.. 😦

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  2. I liked that the original and Pic Monkey versions were included. I was just chatting with someone about using Pic Monkey and it’s great to see another example of it in use. It doesn’t seem so hard after all! 🙂

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    1. Oh thanks for noticing. I really love it since I don’t want to invest in photoshop. I like to create/use all my own images for posts and not rely on other images and risk a copyright infringement. Plus I love being able to refine an image. I am trying the free 30-day trial right now and it’s got some great features. Give it a whirl!


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