Is it Cloudy Where You Are?

Today in Northern California, we are actually having a cloudy day. We might be lucky enough to get some rain and snow in the nearby Sierra Nevadas.

Here are two nice cloud photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Rain clouds in hot pursuit!
Late August Thunderstorm yields lenticular clouds over delta.

14 thoughts on “Is it Cloudy Where You Are?

  1. I sure hope you get some of the rain you need out there. It’s cloudy where I am (offshore Congo), but it seems to be cloudy and overcast almost all the time here. It almost never rains tho. The clouds here are not as interesting, just low layers of constant grey.

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  2. It was cloudy, no foggy early today as I set off for Alcatraz to see the final days of the Wei Wei exhibit.

    My first reaction to the title was, yes it is cloudy on the outside but crystal clear inside.

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      1. LifestyleswithLia

        Oh that’s not good: ( it’s a terrible crisis… I’ve been thinking about you all out there and really hope the drought will end soon or else there will be all desert, as you say…

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      2. I am old enough to remember a devastating drought from 1976 when I lived in San Diego. I was a teen but water conservation was a priority. It doesn’t seem that way especially from what I see in northern Cal. People actually still hose off their driveways. It’s so bad, they are enacting measures to prevent the salt water from the ocean to encroach further into the delta. Food prices will go up nationwide since California exports a lot of ag food and wine! Noooo, not the wine!!

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      3. LifestyleswithLia

        Oh that’s interesting but scary at the same time! I had no idea about the delta…. And indeed, fruits and vegetables and any California product will surely suffer: ((( Oh such a lovely place… I hope things get better soon!!

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