Weekend Coffee Share: Let the Sailing Begin

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Today seems like a great day to have a coffee chat. How would you like your coffee today? I’ll take an iced mocha—it’s been rather warm here in Northern California. We did get some snow in the Sierras two hours away, but the Sacramento Valley hit 88 degrees today.

Weekend Coffee Share
Enjoying a cuppa Joe!

If we were having coffee I would tell you how a busy week yielded an equally busy, but exciting weekend.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to speak at an open house at my university to the recreation majors about community recreation. Since I am not teaching this semester due to retirement pension restrictions, I was happy to be on campus for this event. I was thrilled to see the large number of students and some parents interested in the major.

Tuesday morning was spent at my local chamber of Commerce membership event promoting my consulting business, Windigen ConsultingOur chamber has a lot to offer new members. If you are in business, your local chamber or similar organization can help you, too!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the rest of the week went fine. By the time Friday got here, things were buzzing! Weekends are now spent in the Sacramento delta where we windsurf. Still setting up our camping area for the next few months, we managed to actually windsurf! Isn’t that the point?

Friday and Saturday afternoon I took my paddle board out and got a good workout on my SUP (stand-up paddleboard). The breeze picked up making it hard to paddle but not enough to windsurf, or sail, as many call it.

But Sunday morning…the magic began. I got my first sailing session of the year! Sailing on this part of the river is still a little scary, so I only sail when it is ebb tide. If I get ebbed down river, at least I have places to get out. Despite my nerves, when someone shouted, “Here comes a gust! Go!” So off I went.

I hooked in and immediately started planing down the river. I was pointed downwind and it felt like flying. I “woo-hooed” several times then something amazing happened! As I rode the crest of the swell, when it abruptly dropped off, I found myself in the air, landing quite nicely and continuing on about 25 miles per hour.

I JUMPED FOR THE FIRST TIME! What a thrill; no wonder people are addicted to this sport. Not bad for my first day sailing since last September.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to never give up on your dreams and to take time for your leisure activities! You owe it to yourself to enjoy life.

What is the weekend coffee share? Come check it out here. 

Weekend Coffee Share

I hope your coffee was as tasty as mine was and that your coming week is filled with passion and fun!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Let the Sailing Begin

  1. I am still wowing here! How wonderful it might have been! Congratulations for such a marvelous experience. One I didn’t have. Yet.
    Thanks for sharing so much energy and positive vibes.
    Have a wonderful week!

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    Terri, your posts are always full of fun and excitement! I’m so glad you had a great weekend…. The sailing sounds especially exhilarating! I read with baited breath! I’m so happy for you…
    PS: I’ll take a coffee black with no sugar, thanks! And perhaps a cookie or three on the side?
    Much love,

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