Last Night’s Shot

When you think of, or visualize cups, what comes to your mind? Teacups, coffee mugs, cupped hands, athletic jock-straps?

For Ed’s Sunday Stills, “CUPS” is the theme for the past week. I have already seen some great interpretations.

Here is my interpretation and the story behind it:

After a long day of setting up our windsurf base-camp (see post here), we celebrated by cooking up some great food that included tri-tip with salad and rice. After eating and tossing back a few, we were all exhausted and hit the sack.

The next morning, as we were sitting around sipping our wonderful French-pressed coffee, our trailer neighbor burst out laughing! He pointed to my car parked in front of the trailer, trying hard not to spray his coffee all over the place. Here is the photo of why it was so funny.

Missing anything–a leftover shot?

Apparently, one of the guys, in their exhausted state, thoughtfully left their half-full (half-empty?) shot glass of tequila on the back of my car. Something I would NEVER do, by the way. So I took the picture.

All part of the fun in the life of a delta windsurfer when we are waiting for wind!

Since I had no wi-fi all weekend, I was unaware of the Sunday Stills’ Challenge with Cups as the theme.

So there you go!

7 thoughts on “Last Night’s Shot

  1. blessedmama3

    For some reason, my first thought of cups were large, disposable paper cups. Maybe I’m thinking of a weekend away, too! You are such a lucky girl. 🙂

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    1. It worked out well! On Saturday while stand-up paddling, I saw a red cup floating in the river but couldn’t take the picture. Never know where and when inspiration will hit 🙂 thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


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