Window Sunrise in La Ventana

In La Ventana (window in Spanish), Baja Sur, Mexico, the sun rises about 6:45am in January over the Sea Of Cortez. I set my alarm while on our windsurfing vacation because I knew I could capture shots like this one.

Notice the molten sunrise reflected in the window.

Being a West coast dweller, seeing a sunrise over an ocean is rare for me.

I hope you enjoyed this photo submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge!

Early Bird

29 thoughts on “Sunrise Through the Window

  1. What a wonderful place to wake up! I was in such a rush to get to the Pacific that I didn’t manage to sail the Sea of Cortez. It is supposed to be a wonderful cruising ground and your photo of the sunrise there certainly makes it look like a place I want to visit.

    And would love to see some snaps of your West Coast sunsets πŸ™‚

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