Monthly Photo Challenge: April Maple

Deep red American Beauty roses flourish in my yard!

Now that Spring is here (at least in warm, arid, dry California), gardens and yards are full of colors and…



We get a strong North wind this time of year that stirs up tree pollen and other sneezy stuff. I have been following the Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons. See below for information. Take photos of the same location (it can be anything) to depict the change of seasons. My photos this month show the same Chinese Maple tree in my front yards. It’s rather interesting taking photos of the same tree over the course of the seasons. Here is what the tree looks like now and in comparison to March, February and January.

By mid-April the Chinese Maple is in full leaf!

Even though my poppies didn’t bloom, this huge water droplet formed on the leaf! Here are some poppies for you!

A watery puddle seems to float on this poppy leaf

For a comparison of the maple tree from January through March, here is the gallery:

If you are interested in this event, please check out Cardinal Guzman’s blog. I’m following the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Ultimate Blog Challenge

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