To Sail or to SUP, That is the Question

To-Sail-or-SUPTwo young men sat on a wooden bench gazing at the water. Windsurfers, they were waiting anxiously for the wind to start blowing. Their scraggly, bleach-blonde hair hung limply under their ball caps.

“Hey dude,” said Jerry, “Think it’s gonna blow today?”

“Not sure, man,” replied Jacob. “There’s not even a wind shadow.”

“Bummer,” said Jerry, as he shaded his eyes, squinting into the sun. “You could always kite…”

Jacob jerked his head toward Jerry and said, “F**k no, man, that sh!t’s dangerous. People die kite-boarding, man.”

“So what’re you gonna do, dude?” asked Jerry.

Jacob thought for a moment, looking down at his sandy flip-flops, and replied in a barely audible voice, “I’m thinking about going out for a paddle.”

This time it was Jerry’s head that jerked toward Jacob, blue eyes wide with disbelief, “Whaaaat? You’re gonna SUP? Sh!t, dude, that’s for pussies.”

“Stand-up paddling is a good workout, man, don’t you know? Jacob huffed and said, “My girlfriend is buff from all the SUPing she does, so why the hell not?”

“Well, dude, it’s gonna be windy, I can feel it,” insisted Jerry.

Jacob smiled and looked at Jerry. “So, Jer, why should I sit around waiting for the wind, when I can paddle now?”

To Sail or to SUP, that is the question; Wind, or no wind, that is the answer.

Writing 101–Day Seven: Give and Take
Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else. Twist: Make it a dialogue.

This also serves as my post for BeWOW Wednesday, a weekly challenge from Ronovan Writes.

12 thoughts on “To Sail or to SUP, That is the Question

  1. Liked the dialog. You’re really doing well with the Writing 101 assignments. I’m way behind myself after the first one. I went away for several days, spent a while doing taxes for my mom, son, and myself, planning a trip to Germany, and technical proofreading and editing of several books. I’ll see if I can catch up, but it’s not going to be easy at this point. I haven’t had a chance to post anything else either. Anyway, I’m enjoying your posts.

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    1. I noticed you were absent! Just do what you can, you sure have been busy. I am about to work on today’s assignment, much better than yesterday’s. Thanks for the encouragement!! And Germany sounds delightful–maybe one of these days for me!

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      1. Catherine Johnson

        Thanks for following me too. I wouldn’t dare to kite surf myself. I wish I’d have tried sand yachting when I saw it that looks fun but safe.

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