Weekend Coffee Share with SOC for Writing 101

Weekend Coffee Share
Enjoying a cuppa Joe!

How was your Easter weekend? If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you about my very eventful week and the activities I participated in before the big weekend!

If we were having coffee on this wet, rainy, Easter Sunday afternoon, I would be slurping a hot, steaming mug of Colombian medium roast coffee with lots of flavored creamer, trying to warm up. Would you like a cup? If not, what can I get you?

Now that I am retired from the day job, I have lots of free time…wait, what?? I am a blogger, what the heck is free time? By the time I write a clever, yet informative post (wish), then find an appropriate image that will grab readers’ attention, all the while showing off my skills (not) as a photographer, then edit and add my watermark, at least two to three hours have gone by!

In addition to blogging, with all this free time, (again, ha!), I am working on curriculum for a new class I will be teaching. Due to my retirement status, I am on a break for this semester, and I go back to teaching as a part-time lecturer at my university in the fall. The course is called “Recreation and Leisure Lifestyle Development” and is an online/hybrid course, which means I get to see the students for one-and a-half hours each week (instead of 3 hours). The rest is done online. As that terror sets in, I have attended a few workshops for faculty on campus to get my online skills ready. I am also previewing a new textbook for this course. And I don’t currently get paid for this right now, so it’s all “professional development.” Yay.

During the week, I had some other random items to take care of, like some retirement and tax paperwork. Oh and did I tell you that I started a consulting business? Apparently I am still a victim of the Baby Boomer workaholic generation. Please check out Windigen Consulting website when you have a few minutes!  My hubbie still works, so what can I be doing all day but blogging, teaching and consulting?

This past week was what Christians refer to as Holy Week, the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. As a choir member and active in my church, I spent a few hours listening to the performance CD of our Easter Sunday mini-cantata. The music and words are very powerful and uplifting, and both my husband (who also sings in the choir) and I are incredibly blessed by the words. We practiced on Wednesday night, then enjoyed dessert after practice. Friday evening was our Good Friday service, where we had communion. Isn’t it strange attending church at night? I think so.

Okay, the weekend. After we came home from the Good Friday service, I started feeling sick—must have eaten something that disagreed with me, which is odd because I am proud to be an omnivore with an iron stomach. The next morning, Saturday, we planned to travel an hour’s drive to the delta to re-tarp our trailer (tiny roof leak). Sunny California was due for three(!) days of rain, and I was worried I was not going to feel well enough to help take care of this.

On Saturday morning, I woke up feeling fine so we packed the car for the trip. As I bent over my car’s trunk, I felt a weird twinge in my lower back. I blame Friday morning’s yoga session. After Friday night’s gut pain and this, well of course, Mrs. Grumpy snapped at hubbie about something, so that started everything out just peachy! With the silent treatment in full swing, my hubbie packed some windsurf gear and off we went. In just a few minutes we both apologized and let the stupid argument go.

It was a beautiful day and hard to believe that rain was on the way for that night. It was warm and sunny but I packed warm clothes for the trip. We took care of business, ate a picnic lunch, then headed to the windsurf spot. The wind was BLOWING!! And brave windsurfers were getting their early April session! Here is the photo I wisely took from inside my car. April Windsurfing

While hubby sailed for two and a half hours, I read more of my textbook, made some notes and read some blogs. We finally headed home and stopped for Mexican takeout. We were pretty tired (me from all that sitting) but my back and stomach were no longer hurting, thanks to modern over-the- counter medicine. Once at home we unloaded the car but not without another argument.

We RARELY fight or argue. We have been married for almost two years and together for six years. After both of our first failed marriages, we know that life is too short to fight. We chalked it up to being tired and my being a teeny bit under the weather. And I could have communicated better about why I wanted the windsurf board off the top of the car. Once that blew over we went to bed exhausted.

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to a beautiful Easter Sunday morning. Our choir’s presentation was magical and I believe God blessed many folks today with the message. One of the songs, “In Christ Alone,” is so powerful that I cannot sing it through without tears streaming down my face. Kind of hard to sing that way, but I did. My hubbie told me the same thing happened to him. We were indeed truly blessed.

After all that we hurried to the grocery store to pick up salad for an Easter event with friends that afternoon. It had gotten much colder and by the time we got to our friend’s house it was beginning to rain. I was freezing and just wanted a strong, hot cuppa Joe! Weekend Coffee Share

Now that we are having coffee and are getting warmed up, I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my busy week. If we were having coffee, I would love to hear what you have to say and to thank you for indulging my thoughts today! How was YOUR week? If you are interested in having coffee with us, please join the Weekend Coffee Share! 

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18 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share with SOC for Writing 101

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  2. Guess whose post was chosen as the most inspirational at the Inspire Me Monday Linky party tomorrow Terri? Check back tomorrow to mycurrentnewsblog.com at 6:00 am California time to find out =)!

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  3. Hi,
    It’s my friend Terri! Welcome to Inspire Me Monday! I’m here to greet you!
    I’m glad you’re on my comment schedule this week because I forgot to tell you my daughter Dana is now thinking of pursuing a career in Parks and Rec!
    Thanks for coming to our linky party.

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    1. Hi Janice! I was so busy this weekend getting moved in to our windsurf campground up near Rio Vista. Just now catching up with blog stuff. If your daughter ever has questions, she is more than welcome to contact me !


  4. You’ve been pretty busy, lady!
    And it looks like a rewarding week, including the little time arguing, which you dealt with wisely. No wonder why you’re a happy couple.
    Pity that you didn’t windsurf but I loved the photo.
    Have a lovely week, blogger! ️Xxx

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  5. Well that was a busy week! Your stream of consciousness was like a firehose. But I guess Writing 101 said to “Unlock Your Mind”, but that probably took more than just 20 minutes. I suppose it also served as a post for Weekend Coffee Share.

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    1. Yep, Doug it sure did. It WAS a firehouse–that made me laugh!! I schedule most of my posts now on a calendar, and normally I post something for Weekend coffee share late on Sunday in addition to the Sunday Stills photo challenge.

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  6. Whew. The week. Well, as pastors, we did church. I don’t think we fought, but at the moment I’m so brain dead I can type but slowly. Thurs. evening was Holy Thurs. We wash the hands of everyone in our community since walking through sandy desert isn’t exactly what we do anymore – and we blessed the new oils for the church year, removed and put away altar cloths, candles, etc etc and left the place bare; take all that home to clean etc, eat something light, go to bed, Cliff taught the next morning, I cleaned brass and got new candles ready, put things away and gathered more; Friday service is easy. Simple. Empty church. Saturday was a whirl for the Vigil: more cleaning and readying; Vigil is new fire and new water and new cloths and new candles; and then Sunday morning. More church. It was all beautiful and group really likes it, but whew. We be old. And then I fixed a carrot cake and rack of lamb, which turned out fabulous (I can cook and not think much). And Cliff went back to teaching classes this morning and afternoon and I’m digging out email. We’re both tired. No coffee. Just black Irish breakfast tea. My legs are complaining. And now we get ready to leave Wednesday morning to drive to Austin for the International Poetry Festival. We are nuts. But running away from it all for a few days will revive. Associates will handle church next Sunday. We two priests are on vacation. Or at least running away from home.

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