A Thief Was Supposed to Pay

Cross Good Friday

Thoughts for Good Friday

I pray these words have some meaning for you this day.

(Lyrics by Michael Card, Known By the Scars, 1989)

Why did it have to be a friend
Who chose to betray the Lord
Why did he use a kiss to show them
That’s not what a kiss is for

Only a friend can betray a friend
A stranger has nothing to gain
And only a friend comes close enough
To ever cause so much pain

And why did there have to be thorny
Crown pressed upon His head
It should have been the royal one
Made of jewels and gold instead

It had to be a crown of thorns
Because in this life that we live
For all who seek to love
A thorn is all the world has to give

And why did it have to be
A heavy cross He was made to bear
And why did they nail His feet and hands
His love would have held Him there

It was a cross for on a cross
A thief was supposed to pay
And Jesus had come into the world
To steal every heart away

Yes, Jesus had come into the world
To steal every heart away

3 thoughts on “A Thief Was Supposed to Pay

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Terri. Was doing final preparation for this morning service, went on my reader and saw this video. Loved the message.
    It has been years since I have heard Michael Card. We used to have a Michael Card Christian children’s cassette when our children were babies that played nightly. With 4 children, it played for a few years.
    His voice brought back great memories.
    Happy Easter,

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    1. I love Michael Card–his lyrics are just incredible and illuminate the Word in no other way. I am glad I was able to share a positive message! I have sung this song for Good Friday service a couple of times. Very contemplative. Thank you for taking the time to comment! Enjoy your Easter!

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