Inaugural Weekend Coffee Share and Chat

Weekend Coffee Share
Enjoying a cuppa Joe!

Several bloggers take part in the Weekend Coffee Share. As if we were sitting around the table and chatting about our past week, we share past and upcoming events, our joys and perhaps struggles.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how much I enjoyed my past week visiting family in San Diego. I was born and raised there and my husband is from there as well. His grown children live there, too. It was a hot week there, weather-wise. But I did get to stand-up paddle on Mission Bay last Sunday with my step daughter and step son for his birthday, something that I have been wanting to do.

Stand Up Paddling
Morning stand-up paddle session.

If we were having coffee, I would admit that I ate way too much all week, but managed to visit a nearby 24-Hour gym and get a couple of good workouts. The previous Saturday, we were at a luau held at my brother’s house. The entertainment was really good and authentic, but alas, there was too much good food.

My brother’s partner just launched an accessories business and has asked me to blog about the products. I will soon be a paid blogger!! Because of that and speaking with potential clients and handing out business cards for my new consulting business, Windigen Consulting, I was able to write off the trip and mileage (we drove). Having just retired, getting some consulting gigs is something I am looking forward to.

Saturday, my husband and I drove one hour to our windsurfing campground to do some mowing. Rio Vista Windsurf Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to windsurfing and kite-boarding in the Sacramento River Delta. We all volunteer our time to the campground, cleaning and landscaping before the season begins. We like to volunteer early so when the wind starts blowing, we are free and clear to windsurf! We move our trailer to the campground the weekend after Easter.

If we were having coffee, I would love to hear what you have to say and to thank you for indulging my thoughts today!

If you are interested in having coffee with us, please join the Weekend Coffee Share!

10 thoughts on “Inaugural Weekend Coffee Share and Chat

  1. Great idea, Terri. A weekend catch up. Besides planting and cleaning up gardens, I spent nearly three hours removing two words from my memoir manuscript. Maybe you saw the post about I did one on my first chapter and found “like” had a prominent place. As did “pulled” for some odd reason. Pulled weeds; pulled her head down; pulled the rope. I guess I like that word. So I did a find for like and it was all through the manuscript; I had to change a bunch of similes into metaphors; but the changes improved the sentences and I will no doubt be very very scrupulous in my like usage from here on! Ditto for pulled.

    The yard work was the most rewarding, however. Green shoots are popping through the cypress mulch. A pretty sight. And I had two evening meeting things for the literary journal on which I serve. And one morning meeting. Last Saturday, I led an all day writing workshop. This is retirement????

    But I’m back to commenting on friend’s blog posts! All in all, a good week.

    Here’s the original Wordle post Silver Threading reposted:

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    1. Janet, so good to hear from you. You have been a busy bee. I will check out the link! I’ve been prepping for teaching two fall classes. I blog nearly every day–takes an amazing amount of time; that with starting my consulting!! Loving it all!


  2. I enjoyed having coffee with you. This is a very interesting way to do a post. I’ve seen several others that I follow do the same. My preference for coffee is hazelnut, black and weak. I’m old.;(

    You sound as busy as I am for being retired. Sometime I wonder how I ever had time to work and raise a family. My days are full too, now.

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    1. Why, thank you! I had seen posts like this too and said What the hey, looks like fun! My coffee is medium Colombian roast with lots of flavored creamer 🙂 It certainly is crazy about retirement. When did I have time for work? Thanks for the kind comment!!


  3. Wow! You had full week.
    I spent a good portion of my week RE-writing a chunk of this novel I’ve been work-shopping for several years. It is getting better with every pass, but good golly, it’s taking a lot of passes. Luckily my critique group is smart and kind.
    Now I need to get off the blog boards and get back to it.

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