Photography: Black and White Bathrooms

Bathrooms. Best room in the house?

For Cee’s Black and White Challenge, this week’s theme is bathrooms and outhouses.

I took this with my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the “oil pastel” filter. Kind of makes my poor shower and bathroom look like I never clean it! Made an interesting photo, though!


Bathroom with the oil pastel filter from Samsung Galaxy S5

Late afternoon light streams into my bathroom window. I left a little pop of color. At least my shower looks cleaner in this photo!

Bathroom Window

Light streams into shower window

Last but not least, is a window I wish I could look out of more often; our resort bathroom in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. The sepia tone lent an interesting cast to the picture.

Baja Windowsill

Bathroom view from our beach room at Baja Joe’s resort

Photography challenges are fun and interesting! Please feel free to join anytime!

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