WordPress Milestone

200 posts

This morning’s post marked my 200th post on WordPress! The badge popped up and so did my eyebrows!

Even though I started my WP account three years ago, it wasn’t until September 2014 that I got serious, then joined Blogging University 101.  From there I followed lots of blogs, liked a LOT of posts and made new friends. Oh, and worked on my writing and photography skills a little!

70 of the 200 posts were blogged since January 1. From September through December, I applied for retirement, worked my day job while “training” a new superintendent and transitioning my job duties, and lectured two courses two nights a week.

Somehow I managed to put up a few posts during that time.

Thank you for the follows, likes, comments, guest-blogs, reblogs, advice, blogging events & challenges…and FRIENDSHIPS!

I am loving EVERY minute of it!

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