Windsurf Baja Blues

Sea of Cortez
Shades of teal from this campground view.

To beat the winter blues, thousands of windsurfers worldwide flock to La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico for warm waves, wonderful weather, and WIND! The wind blows from the north on the Sea of Cortez from November through March, giving windsurfers their winter fix.

I am always amazed at the number of people I know who can adjust their lifestyle around their leisure pastime. When windsurfers and kite boarders started visiting and staying in La Ventana over 20 years ago(45 minute drive south of La Paz), the poor, sleepy town became the sought-after site of vacation homes, resorts and the winter mecca for board sports.

The shades of teal in the sea are simply amazing.

posterized version

Above is a posterized version which also highlights the teal shades.

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15 thoughts on “Windsurf Baja Blues

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  2. Scott Danzig

    It looks magical from here in snowy upstate NY. But when I imagine myself on those waters, I think… whoa, gotta keep balance. Okay, I’m feeling it. That wind’s a little strong, but I’m upright. Go with it! OH NO!! I’m falling backward. GAH!! I can’t breathe! I’m underwater! Drank salty water! EWW!! Oh, finally, scraped my way to the surface. *GASP!* Finally air! What was that? What just touched me? Jellyfish!! EEEK! Okay, how do I get this damn sail up? How do I get back on my board!? I’ll just drag it to the beach. Grrr! The current! It’s keeping me from the shore! Getting so tired. I’ll go along the shore…that seems easier. I’m going so far away from my friends. I wonder if I’ll find them again when I reach shore. Oh no! Big wave coming! Almost can stand! UNDERTOW!!! MMPHHH!! *gurgle* I’m being pulled back! Must hang onto board! But life might end! Oh, my wrist strap. Phew. Okay, I can almost stand… ugh… finally. That lifeguard over there looked like he was going to run over and save me. That would have been embarrassing. My legs are so weak, but I’m going to carry this board back to where my friends are. It’ll take a while. The sun’s awfully hot. Will my lotion hold up? Was it waterproof enough? Ugh, I don’t think so. I feel like I’m burning up. I’m going to hate life for the next week while everyone thinks my skin is falling off.

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    1. Oh, you are hilarious!! I can attest to most of your description. Luckily all the gear floats and I have done a lot of swimming with my gear there at Baja and here in the delta, much to my humiliation. My sinus infection did clear up after i inhaled 5 gallons of sea water, though πŸ™‚ And NO lifeguards at either location. You’re on you own, although most windsurfers will help you. Thanks! So funny!

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      1. Scott Danzig

        Yeah, I figured the lifeguards might’ve been a stretch. The closest I got to this was surf lessons at Waikiki. The instructor was such a douchebag, especially to my wife 😦 But I did manage to stay on that board and ride the wave for about 10 seconds. Surf’s up! πŸ˜€

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