The weekly photo challenge for February 27 asks, “What is your reward?” Here are mine.

 In Lake Tahoe, after waiting to dock after a two-hour cruise on Emerald Bay, we were greeted by this incredible view.

Success after lesson with a pro

After taking a windsurf lesson with a pro (bottom left, teaching a child), I headed out for some practice in this posterized version.

 Hummingbird feeders

When visiting the quaint town of Julian near San Diego, we watched hummingbirds wing their way to the feeders.

Wicked Women after Wicked

 An opportunity to see the Broadway musical Wicked, at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco with my daughters.

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21 thoughts on “Rewards of Waiting, Wind, Wings, and Wicked

      1. A marathon!! Amazing! I have bad hammies after too much softball. Banged up a knee learning how to windsurf. Keep up the good work. My hubbie runs and is in great shape. I think more men handle sports longer than women, but don’t tell a woman I said that 🙂

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      2. Whoops, just a half marathon this one. This one will feel like a marathon though. Just don’t feel quite ready. This one will be more mental than anything. 🙂 Thanks Terri. Injuries are so hard to heal up from when we get older. Hopefully your hamstrings and knee will not cause too much problems down the road
        Windsurfing, and stand up boarding would be such great activities to maintain fitness though. Great job! 🙂

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      1. I know, I have been doing snow dances. A friend posted a pic on FB about a month ago standing at where the lake dumps into the Truckee, but it was dry. Sad stuff.

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