Windsurf Action!

Northern Californians, who windsurf in the Sacramento River Delta, are anticipating the season which begins as early as Easter weekend this year. In an area reserved for limited camping, windsurfers and kite-boarders eagerly await the day they can move in their trailers and gear. Let the sailing begin!

Windsurfer making his jibe!

This photo is included in Ed’s Sunday Stills challenge, and Lucile de Godoy’s The Clinic–Photo Rehab. New bloggers are welcomed to these challenges.

Windy Labor Day sailing!

3 thoughts on “Windsurf Action!

  1. Hi Terry,
    It’s Janice from Reflections. Thanks for sending me the link to your windsurfing photos. I keep forgetting to put my name on my pictures, and I noticed you did that.
    Very cool photos. Thanks for showing me.

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