I’m Just Mad About Saffron

They call me mellow yellow–quite right! Here is my entry for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Saffron.

A saffron sunrise greets us in La Ventana, Baja.

Saffron Sunrise
After a rare rain storm in La Ventana, this sunrise greeted us.

If you can’t find saffron in the sky, look down.

Fallen Leaves
Leaves on the ground

16 thoughts on “I’m Just Mad About Saffron

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  2. Love the first photo of sunrise…really. And your blog is cool. And I think I should have an honorary PhD in recreation and leisure, and maybe I can come teach at your university. Really.

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  3. blessedmama3

    Terri, you have such a beautiful blog! I’ve come here a couple of times to snoop and finally made time to comment. Traveling, love, retirement – you have it all. So glad we’ve become friends. See you at the gym I hope soon!

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