Gold Country Day Trip

The three-day weekend allowed my husband and I to enjoy two full days of leisure! Valentine’s Day was wonderful—a two-hour bike ride on the American River Bike Trail during the early afternoon, then back to a home-cooked meal of broiled salmon, tortellini pasta and mixed veggies.

Old Town Auburn
Old Town Auburn, CA

Being outside is possible because of the incredible sunny and warm weather we are experiencing in Northern California. I would rather post about a three day weekend spent in the freezing cold, winter conditions in Lake Tahoe, but no, the temperature was 70 degrees all weekend. Believe me when I say that I wish it was raining and snowing, because California NEEDS the rain.

On Sunday, we also decided to take a 45-minute drive to the historic town of Auburn in the Gold Country, have brunch at a popular restaurant and continue to drive through the foothills on Highway 49, to end up in scenic Sutter Creek, another historic Gold Country town, for shopping and strolling.

Above is a view from across the street near the restaurant. Notice the blue kayak on top of the car. Once we ate, we walked around some of the quaint shops in this area known as Old Auburn. Many of the homes were built during the Gold Rush era in the mid-1850s.

One we got on the road, we traveled about 90 minutes through the scenic highway. In this photo, notice the car in front with its top down, travelling in late winter, California style.

Top Down Driving
Sunny day allows topless driving.

While we drove, we passed numerous bicyclists riding up and down the steep hills. We never passed any bodies of water, but I would not be surprised if people were out kayaking (as shown in the first photo) or stand-up paddling. It might be sunny but the water is still COLD!

Be sure to enjoy some leisure time. Don’t let the cold winter days stop you from getting outside. Easy for me to say!

9 thoughts on “Gold Country Day Trip

  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Oh it looks like you had a lovely weekend in such a pretty place!
    I’m glad the temps are warm… And I agree about getting out there and taking a walk, even if cold here in NY! I did so yesterday and the sun shining was splendid!
    Have a great Wednesday !!!

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  2. You have to watch out for that winter sun. If you have to take your shirt off, make sure you have on a good sun screen. 🙂 :p (“Sunny day allows topless driving.”)

    Ahhh, homesickness. I love the Auburn area…

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      1. I lived in the Bay Area for about 20 years and left in 2000. Gah, it is so hard to believe it has been 15 years! We used to do a lot of short trips to the Sierras. There used to be an awesome rock and mineral store in Auburn, but they closed in 2000.

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      2. Yes. When I had to become 99% homeless and depend on the kindness of others to let me bunk in an extra room, I had thought I had the opportunity to return to CA, to the Auburn area, but things happened between the offer and several months later when I needed to take her up on it so I moved to NH instead. Not the CA person’s fault or any bad incident, just their circumstances changed in the few months. I love No.CA but the economy is always so screwy that had I moved there I wonder if my job search would be even worse than it has been here in NH. Moot point.

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