A Fly on the Wall

Wall to Wall

At my house, a fly on the wall has to contend with original art work and framed prints.

I am very proud to display several original oils by my grandmother who was a prolific painter in her late 50s. Treva Maynard McCune, who was too humble to sign most of her 200 paintings, is now immortalized in my blog with four of these photos.

eucalyptus grove
My grandmother’s (Treva Maynard McCune) painting of eucalyptus and avocado trees in rural southern California.

She won an award for this painting of eucalyptus trees. One of the few she signed. It hangs in my hall entry way, so I see it each time I walk into the house.

Another Treva Maynard McCune painting. Torrey Pines, San Diego.
Another Treva Maynard McCune painting. Torrey Pines, San Diego.

This is a small framed oil hanging in a small space in my living room. I believe she captured the charm of Torrey Pines cliffs with her impressionistic style.

Ocean View
She loved the ocean. Another view probably from Torrey Pines Beach area.

This painting is currently not hanging up as I ran out of appropriate wall space. It will soon have a home on the wall.

Eucalyptus Tree and Rock
Early work. Treva Maynard McCune

This is a very early work as she was working on her style. Having grown up in San Diego County in Southern California, I can attest to how accurately she captured the beauty of rural county landscapes as well as the ocean views. Her impressionistic style lent itself to her subjects.

Her paintings now hang on coveted wall space in the homes of various family members, including my cousins’ and my brothers’ homes. All of us grandchildren have artistic talents and interests no doubt passed on from our grandmother. Ironically, other than a half a dozen paintings displayed in her own home, it was not until her untimely passing at age 62, did we all take her paintings out of her closet and display them.

Here is a gallery photos of some of more art. You can see I love the outdoors and landscapes.

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11 thoughts on “A Fly on the Wall

  1. Found it! What a joy to have your grandmother’s work. I tell my students that one of the reasons art is important is that it is a person still speaking to you, even after they are gone. What they found fascinating tells you who they were, if you will listen with your eyes. I see where you have inherited your love of color in your photography. Congratulations that you realize how important these are.

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  2. LifestyleswithLia

    What an amazing tribute to your extremely talented grandmother! Her works of art capture landscapes so beautifully and your love and respect for her and her art rings true in this post! Thank you for sharing this with us!
    PS: Her tree paintings remind me of your Alpine Symmetry post of yesterday!

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