Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons: February

Chinese Maple tree
Chinese Maple tree decked out with help of reflected sunset.

February can be an interesting month. Still winter for the northern hemisphere and those living here are ready for spring. There is Valentine’s Day to help the month along, and in the states, we have a couple of presidents’ birthdays as holidays (for all you working folks 🙂 ). Otherwise, poor February is still a gloomy month similar to January.

I have been following this Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons. See below for information. Take photos of the same location (it can be anything) to depict the change of seasons.

My photos this month show the same Chinese Maple tree in my front yard from a different angle. When I took the pictures, we had a fantastic sunset captured in the reflection of the window just behind the tree. With the absence of the tree’s full Fall glory, all orange, yellow and red, the sunset added the glorious colors in the tree’s absent leaves. Wasn’t that nice of it?

If you are interested in this event, please check out Cardinal Guzman’s blog:

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