Home Office Makeover

Home Office Nook
Home office idea. Image from houzz.com from Pinterest

The only office I have really had was my office space at work. When I am home, I have used the sofa and nearby end table as a mini work station with my laptop.

Home Office Before
My Spot. Living room home office

The space is very pleasant and I have worked like this since 2007 when I was in grad school. It has served a great function for a small amount of time I used it each day.

Since I have retired, I found that I need a real office space with a decent desk and office chair. The room I moved into had been turned into my hubbie’s man-cave a few years ago. He promised to organize and re-arrange so that I can set up the desk he commandeered. And he already has a desk with his computer.

Home Office AfterMy hubbie bought me a nice big monitor for my birthday in December. I can simply hook up my laptop and voila! I’m sitting at a desk. I’m sure it will be better for my posture. Now that I am retired, I need to be away from the TV so I can focus on blogging and my consulting business.

It won’t be too long when we start the addition on the master bedroom. Gee, can’t wait. When this starts, blog posts will abound. Yay! Meanwhile, you can check out my Pinterest page. https://www.pinterest.com/aquachica/

Home Office
Idea for our master bedroom room addition. Image by lumberjock.com from Pinterest

10 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover

  1. Having an office space is key for me. Sometimes I just need to be alone and sift through the many pieces of paper that I’ve saved. You’ll find your space too. It may take a while to figure out what you need now, but you’ll do it. Have fun!

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