No Thanks, You’re Too Deep!

Baja Deep Ocean
Baja Deep Ocean
Snorkeling area on Sea of Cortez, Baja Sur, Mexico

As much as I love the outdoors and all things water sports, there is a place I won’t go. I refuse to go below 20 feet under the ocean. Below that depth might as well be the abyss!

If you have followed my blog, you know that I post about my love affair with water, whether the water is an ocean, a river, a lake, or a mountain stream. I have been a swimmer for years and I am very comfortable in any body of water.

Although I loved the water from the time I was four years old, I actually did not learn how to swim until I was 12. Growing up in San Diego, there were plenty of swimming pools in the neighborhood and the beach a few miles away. Sure, I could splash around and present the illusion that I could, but I was terrified of swimming in water over my head.

When I was nine years old, living in Oregon, there was a creek nearby that had swimming holes of varying depths. One summer day, we all hopped in and, as I splashed around, I slipped off a shelf into the deep part of the water. Frantically, I opened my eyes and saw legs and started grabbing them and pulled myself up. Breathless and scared, I shouted, “I almost drowned!” The kids looked at me as if I was nuts. Sure I was terrified, but the whole episode lasted five seconds my friend told me later. She explained, “we didn’t know anything was wrong since you slid in and climbed out so quickly.” Oh, well…so much for my near drowning story.

But that was not the issue.

By the time I was 12, living in San Diego again, I finally got into the deep end of a swimming pool and I realized that the water was not going to suck me down into the depths. At age 14, I took Red Cross swimming lessons at what would be my high school pool and promptly joined the swim team.

Over my adult life I have enjoyed leisure activities in and around the water. Besides snorkeling, boogie boarding and body surfing in the ocean, boating with my dad on Folsom Lake, hiking alongside rivers, stand-up paddling on various bodies of water, and of course, windsurfing, the water is my playground.

I just don’t like SCUBA diving. I have tried diving down deep to grab a treasure off the bottom of a deep tide pool, or ocean floor. I cannot clear my ears. By 15 feet deep, I am in PAIN! I have a lot of friends who SCUBA dive and really love it. They plan their vacations around diving.

No thanks, I’m not going there. I’ll stay on top of the water.

No, Thanks

11 Comments on “No Thanks, You’re Too Deep!

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  2. I heard of people who just can’t scuba dive because of their sinus. I want to try it as I feel so good in the water but I also wonder how I would feel once I am so much deeper down…

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