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Just Adopted!


Nothing says “love” more than a family who adopts a child, let alone two.

When my brother married his wife 12 years ago, my sister-in-law already had two children of her own from her previous marriage. As both my niece and nephew grew up, and the house emptied, my bro and sis-n-law talked about adoption, since she was unable to bear more children. As they navigated the foster care system, they came upon two sisters who were in foster care and needed a permanent family.

My bro and sis-n-law originally wanted a baby, but when they saw the girls featured on a television news story, they fell in love. After the usual red-tape and legal hassles, the girls became permanent members of the family.

Big deal, right? Another successful adoption. While adoption is the crux of this story, the real story is about the power of love under extraordinary circumstances.

We already knew that my bro and sis-n-law were amazing parents. Sis-n-law’s daughter “KV” was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at a young age and was medically treated, but not before she ended up in special education in school. After years of care and consistency, and dealing with KV’s bi-polar father and his shenanigans, KV was taken out of special education just before high school. That is a rarity. I saw first-hand what it took for my bro and sis-n-law to meet those challenges with love and amazing patience.

When the little girls were first fostered with my bro and sis-n-law, they required counseling, medical treatment, and a boat-load of patience. The girls had lived an incredibly horrible childhood, the youngest one being too young to remember much. The rest of our family looked on in awe as bro and sis-n-law dealt with the strain of parenting these little girls.

As my nieces are growing up and enjoying normal, wonderful lives (camping trips to Yosemite, girl scouts, swimming lessons, summer camps), bro and sis-n-law are in the process of fostering another little girl. They hope to adopt her as well.

I have asked myself and others WHY would you want to keep going down this road? Do you not want peace? Bro is over 50 years old and never had children of his own. Bro is a wonderful uncle to my two daughters. Of course he wants children to call his own.

The gift of extraordinary parenting falls on very few people. The gift of love also fell heavily on my bro and sis-n-law and I stand in awe of them daily. If they can keep bestowing love on children who need it, then who am I to question God’s will?

I believe they find peace in knowing that they have literally saved lives, and for that, my heart overflows with love.

adoption is love

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  1. morgaine620

    What a wonderful story. I can’t have children of my own. I never found out why as I have been abused and never felt I would be a good mother as I still had too much deal with in my past. Four years ago I met my now husband and his two kids and I somehow knew “That’s it!”. They live with their mum but are with us as often as possible and I feel so very lucky to be able to be a part of their life. I thought about fostering or adopting too as many people outside my family have helped me get on the right track but it never worked out. It needs a village to raise a child they say in Africa. And I believe they are right! 🙂 Thanks for taking part!

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  2. That is a wonderful story Terri, and thanks for sharing.

    My son’s baby sitter and her husband became foster-parents and later adopted two boys with various problems. Great parenting love, can conquer and overcome great problems to produce great children.

    Your brother and sister In-law are great parents and the world is a much nicer place.

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  3. What a wonderful story, and what terrific people your brother and sister-in-law must be! It takes special people to give of themselves in this way and to spread love to children who otherwise may never have known it. Bravo!

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  4. I love this. My former neighbor (a lifetime ago) fostered two little boys who came from messed up, druggy parents who lived on the streets. The boys did so well and were so happy (and my neighbor, too) that when the boy’s mom had twins, the child welfare contacted my neighbor. One morning I was heading out the door to go to school and my neighbor ran out her front door and said, “Come and see!” I did. There were two sweet blond angelic 1 1/2 year olds sitting in high chairs. My neighbor ended up adopting the whole lot of them. I was not designed to raise kids, but my neighbor was and her kids — adopted and other — were so lucky. They were an awesome family.

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