To Drive or Walk?

Do or Die

Today’s daily prompt challenges us to justify the existence of a person, place or thing in 300 words, else it will disappear. The thing I’ve chosen takes me places, carries everything I need for a session on the water, and protects me from harm…

My car.

My Baby
My Baby

My daughter’s wonderful PT Cruiser was totalled in an accident and I had no time to help her get another used car. I decided to sell her my Subaru Outback and buy a new car, a Toyota Rav4, just in time for my 51st birthday.

I knew I wanted a Toyota. I looked at other models, and decided on the Rav4 with the newer body style. I was very specific about what I wanted: a sunroof, V-6 engine, top rack, leather seats, 4-wheel drive, white pearlized exterior and hitch for towing. Brand new cars were expensive. In trying to finance my car with the credit union, he suggested a one-year old car. I went online to Carmax and typed in my wish. Up popped this one-year old car with all the bells and whistles, low mileage, and a great price to boot.

We travel a lot on the west coast, visiting family in Southern California, Washington and Oregon. I bought my car to DRIVE! In four years, this great car has taken me to Spokane; Coeur d’Alane, Idaho; the International border of California/Mexico; Portland, OR; and Yosemite. It hauls us, the two dogs, luggage and stuff.

My car carries me every weekend to the delta for windsurfing and stand-up paddling. I can load sails, masts, and two boards on top. While at the delta, I can even put my rigged sail on top with the sunroof open for the boom to rest inside. I load the windsurf board inside, pulling down one seat and off I go down the road a short distance for a fabulous sailing session. Sometimes I sail without hubbie who usually helps me rig, so being independent is important. This car enables me to do that.

My lovely car is my vehicle for leisure. Drive or walk? Sometimes I have to drive. See you on the road!

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