The Clinic Photo Rehab: Winter’s Day

Smattering of Snow at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Smattering of Snow at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

California needs rain…badly! January was recorded as the driest in history–no rain. Many of the ski resorts closed because of the lack of snow.

While the rest of US has been hit with snowmeggedon, and even rain in the southwest, Northern California remains dry. Why is this bad? The Sierra Nevadas need a major snow pack to get California safely out of the drought. Major reservoirs are dangerously low. We need RAIN and SNOW! Please!

Today, the groundhog saw his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. Fine by me, and as long as some rain and snow can fall on Northern California.

3 thoughts on “The Clinic Photo Rehab: Winter’s Day

  1. I hear your desperation. We’ve felt much the same here in Kansas City, but fortunately, the weekend weather gave us almost an inch and a half of RAIN, slow, soaking rain (my willow is happy) and another two inches of snow. Which isn’t much but it’s a cover to keep the moisture in the ground. The “why” is because of climate change, human produced or not, it’s still climate change.

    Saw an interesting story in the newspaper today about scientists at Univ of Kansas creating an ice radar program that measures the ice in the Greenland ice pack. It’s melting. At the current rate, waters around the globe will rise by 20 feet. Now there’s a yikes! Sea levels rising and strong storms against coastlines increasing. I guess if we stay in the high plains, we might finally have that seaside home (well, probably not….)

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    1. Global climate change is a real threat to our modern life. Beach front property in the midwest may be nearer than we like to imagine! The California drought affects the food economy and so much more. The good news is we may get some rain this weekend, but it’s a warmer rain with little snow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a wet spring!


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