Ick! My Spidey-Sense is Tingling

Embrace the Ick

Image by minnpost.com
Image by minnpost.com

SPIDERS. The very word conjures up the creepy, crawly, heebie-jeebies.

My mom taught my brother and me, as kids, to love tarantulas and snakes. We had a terrarium that was home to those critters, and yes, they had names, but they escape me for the moment. And, no, the critters never escaped.

Wikipedia has extensive articles on our arachnid fiends…oops, I mean, friends. However, spouting out scientific jabbering about spiders will really turn you off. So what is it that bothers us about these 8-legged, hairy, web-spinning, bug-sucking, 8-eyeballed creatures? Well…those very attributes!

Whether spiders were created or a product of evolution (your choice), they exist on Planet Earth for many reasons.

They eat bugs. They LOVE bugs. Most spiders are carnivorous. Will they eat you? No…but some can bite. Brown Recluses and Black Widows do bite, when frightened or provoked. Did you know that spiders have fangs? Not a great selling point, but still…

These same bug-eating carnivores are, in turn, eaten by birds, rodents and other small critters. Spiders are an integral part of the food chain.

Spiders weave beautiful webs. How many photographers have captured the perfect web replete with glistening dew drops? These webs catch insects so the spiders can ingest them…yumm! In fact, the silk of spider webs is under scientific evaluation.

I have a couple of resident spiders who sit harmlessly in a window corner that happily entangle hateful insects such as ants, roaches and flies (I probably should have used these for the Ick prompt).

Spiders do provide wonderful benefits to mankind. Before you squish that spider (unless it’s a widow), or wash it down the drain, please reconsider. A hand-held vacuum, the kind without the bag, works in a pinch. You can just empty Spidey out into the trashcan (yes, outside!).

I’ve been known to grab a Kleenex and lightly trap them and throw them outside. For extra ick factor, I’ll gently pick up the Daddy-Long Legs spiders and simply throw them outside. It doesn’t bother me. After all, my last name is Webster—Middle English for Weaver. I guess I simply have an affinity for arachnids.

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  1. As a Brit living in Australia, I struggle a bit with the size of the spiders here! But they are fascinating. I spent several hours one evening watching our resident huntsman shed his (or her!) skin…

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