Ban Gray Days

Capitola in January
Capitola in January

January and February have been looked at as depressing months as winter in the northern hemisphere leaves us with gray, cloudy days.

A few years ago, during a particularly gray January, we traveled two hours to the San Jose area to celebrate my daughters’ January birthdays in the latter part of the month. My oldest daughter lived in Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz is just an hour’s drive from there.

After walking around Santa Cruz on a gray, cloudy day, we took a short drive to nearby Capitola, a small beach city known for its restaurants and quaint shops.

As we left the restaurant after lunch we walked out onto the beach. Even on this cold, cloudy gray day, I experienced how the pop of color of these beachside condos instantly lifted my mood.

Interestingly, when I googled Capitola for some facts, this similar image popped up. Glad to know my photo mirrors the iconic shot for the Capitola Chamber.

California REALLY needs the rain and we are about the experience unseasonably warm weather this weekend. We may get some sun to lift us out of the unbroken gray, but at what cost? The Lake Tahoe area in the Sierra Nevadas has so little snow, that many ski resorts are closing. Gray is OK if it brings rain and snow. Just no more fog!

What lifts you out of a gray day?

14 thoughts on “Ban Gray Days

  1. You want to talk about gray days , we get so many here in Portland in the winter. But I’ll take that rather than drought.When it gets dark and gray, I turn on all the lights, some rocking music and move. Other times I go to the mall, walk it twice then settle into the bookstore with a cuppa and watch people for awhile, write or read and have a nice lunch somewhere there are lots of people chatting happily. I never feel alone or blue that way. I’m a solar powered person so I expect to move slower in winter. Oddly, I’ve been so busy, there has been no time for it to get me down. Music always helps

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  2. Frank Simpson

    Fog…clouds…gray skies…a photographer’s (at least for me) BEST friend. Just finished a morning walk around downtown Petaluma (with camera) under a very heavy fog. Sun burned it off and I went home…with 45 photos in the camera

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