Number Sightings: A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

The time is now 12:34 am
The time is now 12:34 am

How often do you see this number? Does this number in the photo above jump out at you at random moments? The number can only appear twice daily on a digital clock, so the odds may be pretty good.

I estimate that I see this exact number on my clock in the middle of the night at least twice a week. This is an ongoing habit. Not sure why, but between my two dogs woofing to get out for a late night pit stop, or myself needing to do the same thing, or just randomly waking up, when I do, this is the time I see.

So much so that this was the last photo I took on my phone.

How about the time 11:11? I have seen that one a lot, too. Now that I don’t have to wake up as early, being retired and all, I don’t go to bed at 10pm like I have for the last 20 years. I’m lucky if I go to bed at 11pm.

I was intrigued with this notion of seeing the same number. So of course I googled it and found this website.

The author discusses this very notion. Numbers appear digitally everywhere in our modern, technology-based society. Is it all a mere coincidence? Or does our consciousness seek a synchronicity with time?

Or is it aliens? Insert “Outer Limits” or “Twilight Zone” music here.

I am certain there are all kinds of scientific explanations for this, as well as physiological and psychological reasons, yada yada, that I choose to see this time so frequently.

According to this article, the author outlines a numerical list with numerological meanings behind each number. Now I won’t go so far as to state that I believe in numerology, but I looked at the number 4, my birth day, and 12, which is my birth month.

Number 4 – Stability, work, labor, structure, foundation, earthly things, the cube, the square. Being satiated.

Number 12 – Spiritual strength, divine protection. It’s a related form of 3, since when it’s broken down, 1 + 2 equals 3. 1212 calls to mind the idea of one foot in front of the other, 1-2-1-2….

Hmmmm…12/04…not that far from 12:34.

When I read this, it really resonated with me since these traits and values are very strong in me. If you have ever taken any temperament assessments like Myers-Briggs, Keirsey or True Colors, you would be familiar with values as they relate to a our personalities.

The author discusses numerology and other supernatural and spiritual reasons for number sightings. I am not sure what the universe is trying to tell me.

I could write a big-old-blog post about this phenomenon but I don’t feel like it right now. I don’t have time.

I just see time.

Does this happen to you? And what numbers do you see?

18 thoughts on “Number Sightings: A Moment in Time

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  2. I went through a period of always seeing 3:33 (generally in the AM – thanks, night owl genes!) but that’s it really. I love this stuff though. I still fondly remember counting down the seconds to 1:23:45 on 6/7/89 with my Dad and I did 12:12:12 on 12/12/12 with my kids. Good fun!

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    1. Seeing 3:33 is my favorite! I get excited when I see that number, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night, because it tells me that I am on the right track about something I am considering. Here is some information from my favorite numerology site: “333,3333: This sign is the Cosmic ‘Yes!’ It indicates a ‘Yes’ to absolutely anything, and that it is the right decision for you.”

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  3. Although I don’t see 12:34 a lot, I do see my birthday, 10:22, all the time. I am a spiritual person, so I do believe that the Universe and synchronicity are involved when I see this number and certain others (11:11, 1:11). I tend to pay attention to exactly what I am thinking or doing at the time I see these numbers. But that is just my perspective. It would be nice to hear more about your experiences if you decide to proceed further with understanding this phenomenon.

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  4. Martha Kennedy

    Just seeing the picture, I had to chuckle. I really struggle sometimes with dyslexia and today I looked at the digital clock/thermometer in my kitchen window and I thought it said “YES.” I thought, “That’s bizarre.” I looked again and saw 4:23. (The 4 is that open-at-the-top kind of 4).


  5. LifestyleswithLia

    This has totally happened to me!
    Lots of times it is 9:11 for me and I feel frightened a bit since that date is so etched in my mind ! I do wonder why we wake to see a specific time or else wake exactly before our alarm rings!
    Very interesting and thought-provoking post!

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