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How to Apply Sunscreen Infographic ©2015TWSchrandt
How to Apply Sunscreen Infographic ©2015TWSchrandt

Have you ever seen the info-graphics found on Pinterest and elsewhere on the web? I certainly have pinned enough of them to my boards. In an effort to create my own, I came across a free program called Piktochart.

As you can see, I took some basic information, grabbed a couple of images and used the free program provided by Piktochart. The programs also provides free templates; this one was not made with a template. If you try this program, I recommend you use a template your first time; it would have saved me a couple of hours.

Of course, Piktochart offers premium pricing. If you go with the free program, you can only save your newly created graphic on Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter. I had to save it as a jpeg file from Pinterest. If you are an educator or student, you can get a one-year premium package for $39.95. Ordinarily it costs $29 per month. If you have your own website and are into infographics, then it might be worth the money. I am going to purchase the educator premium plan and I will let you know how it works out.

If you have a Pinterest account, check out my leisure education board.

Oh, and since this info-graphic depicts how to correctly apply sunscreen, if you are in the part of the world experiencing summer right now, or travelling to some tropical, sunny paradise, then please enjoy the information!

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  1. I actually am getting ready to travel to some tropical, sunny paradise for our friends’ destination wedding, so this is timely! I use SPF 30, but I have often wondered am I applying enough, or too much. I will use your chart! 🙂

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