Changing Seasons: Monthly Photo Challenge

A new photo challenge is available, this one by Cardinal Guzman

I love the changing seasons and my photo will be a simple entry. This is my Chinese Maple tree in my front yard. Boring, huh? The maple still has some desperately clinging leaves.

Chinese Maple in January
Chinese Maple in January

You can see the fog in the background, typical of Sacramento this time of year. The weather in the Central Valley of Northern California can be dull and gray leading some people to become depressed as a result of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a lack of sunlight needed to help stimulate the pituitary gland.

Here is a preview of what this tree will look like at the height of the season next Fall.

Chinese Maple in previous Fall glory
Chinese Maple in previous Fall glory

Check out Lucile De Godoy’s blog for another example.

If I lived in San Diego I would have a lot more dynamic photos to share like the one below. No, this has nothing to do with the photo challenge, but I needed a lift 🙂

Beach bird. Photo by Rebecca Taylor. Edited by TWSchrandt
Beach bird. Photo by Rebecca Taylor. Edited by TWSchrandt

13 thoughts on “Changing Seasons: Monthly Photo Challenge

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    1. Thanks, Chris! We’re getting some hazy sunshine now. When I first moved to Sacramento from San Diego, I was in shock how little the sun came out in the winter, as well as becoming a little agoraphobic at the wide open expanses. This is California where the sun beats down from March-October. I’ll soon be complaining about the sun come July!


    1. Thanks for providing the challenge. Photography is fast becoming my new hobby and any chance to share and get feedback is great. On the Chinese maple syrup, umm, not likely, but I saw on TV that birch bark water is the new health gimmick, yumm! LOL


      1. It still looks better than the ones where I live; they are looking like dead.
        I’m humbled by your comment. And very happy that you found photography interesting. Thank you for your kindness, Terri. Cheers.

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