Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride Reveals…?

A warm, Sunday afternoon in January just screamed for a bicycle ride. My poor bike has been patiently waiting for me to take it out since November. I figured I’d ride 20-30 minutes, nothing too strenuous, as I am almost done with this two-week long head-cold. So I pumped up the back tire, attached my phone with my “Map My Ride” app, put on my helmet, and off I went.

Bike Ride image by
Bike Ride image by

The air was amazingly warm at 60 degrees and the hazy sunshine threw long shadows at 2 o’clock here in Northern California.

Seemed idyllic…except for…what did I see??

Not one, but FIVE yards with full-on holiday decorations STILL up.

Please, people, what is preventing you from taking down and PUTTING AWAY your sad, flat Santas and snowmen, your fallen down reindeer, and your sagging lights hanging half-way off the side of your house? We’ve had nothing but sunny weather since before Christmas! What is your excuse?

Perhaps you are still sick with the same head cold I had. Perhaps you just got back from a lengthy vacation abroad (not in this neighborhood–I’m trying here). Perhaps you are just (say it!), LAZY!

Christmas is OVER! Please don’t make me leave this card on your porch!

Take them down now
Take them down now

Anyone having this problem in your neighborhood?

13 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride Reveals…?

  1. I love this LOL – I used to leave the stuff up until about January 6 but then my daughter was born 1/3/2010….and I didn’t want the holiday to bleed into her birthday! So now we do Chanukah, Xmas, and then her birthday, in quick succession. It’s always a whirlwind….

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  2. Hahaha… you just made my laugh and “feel bad”… I only just took our tree down yesterday and the decorations outside are still up. Having said that they are only minimal compared to what you have in the US and we are all the way back of a driveway, where nobody sees us… You are so right, I really need to get them down! But first, let me head to the beach 😉

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