Are You Tired of It Yet?

Are you tired of it yet? The constant ads about getting in shape, meeting your fitness goals, starting out your New Year right, yada yada? My e-mail box is full of great deals from retailers who want to get you in shape by offering new apps, new equipment, new this, new that, all for a new YOU! And we pretty much fall for it. Heck yeah, I went out and bought some more workout clothes and yoga pants. I’m wearing them now…the yoga pants.

workout ad
workout ad

My gym which shall remain, umm, numberless, had this similar ad (my design for this blog image) taped to the restroom stalls. As if sitting in the gym’s restroom stall reading this will change my mind. Most of these ads are there to get you to join a class or hire a trainer, which is fine.

So what is my problem? I guess the hype. This was the first morning I went back to my gym since I came down with this head cold. Now that I am retired, I can go later in morning instead of 6:30am. I went at 9:30am with my Kindle in tow intending to get a 30 minute cardio workout at a nice easy pace. I was amazed at how full the parking lot was at that time of morning. Who was there but a large group of retirees! Good for them, I mean us!

Media hype aside, my next rant came about unexpectedly. In my gym, we have some young, new personal trainers. A couple of them have been there since when I started there over 7 years ago, and I have great respect for their work, and have even hired them.

Today, while I spent a few minutes at the TRX station, one of the male trainers was getting his workout in, lifting some small weights. Another young female trainer, who was working with an older female client, kept watching the male trainer. I have seen their interactions before. They either have a relationship or she is CLEARLY obsessed with him! So much so, that instead of paying attention to her client who was doing some planks and push-ups on the floor, she was watching his every move. The client was chattering away, oblivious to her trainer’s inattention. If I was paying that young woman $50 an hour and I caught her watching her fellow trainer instead of focusing on me (to make sure I’m correctly performing the task), I would have fired her arse right there and loudly, too. C’mon, chica, engage a little, here!

I almost complained to the management. Instead, I got some great blog material.

Don’t get caught up in the New Year’s fitness hype. If you do sign up with a gym (read more in my last post), make sure your motivations are your own. Set your own goals for yourself, whether it is to get in better physical shape, take a yoga class, or hire a personal trainer.

10 thoughts on “Are You Tired of It Yet?

  1. You tell em! My problem with young trainers is that they just don’t know how fragile older joints can be. They push me to hard, and I get a rep for slacking, or I hurt myself. They are on automatic and one size does not fit all.

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  2. Good advice. Thanks, Terri. I think that most of us can relate to this – I was fortunate years ago to have a good trainer, and she gave me tips that I still remember and find useful. That poor retiree – let’s hope that the young woman trainer doesn’t cause any injuries!

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  3. I would have fired her, too! When I am working out it is my sole focus, so I dislike the social aspect of the gym. I have worked out at home for the past several years. The membership is cheap, it’s never crowded, and the shower is clean. Plus on good weather days the great outdoors calls my name!

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  4. I think the most important component to any exercise routine is that it is well-suited to the individual’s personality. I used to go to a gym regularly (and hated the first one or two months of the year when it got so crowded) but now that just doesn’t appeal to me. I now much prefer power walking and biking. I think personal trainers, if they are good, can be a great help. Too bad that young lady wasn’t giving her client what she paid for.

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  5. Martha Kennedy

    Good advice. I personally believe people should make such decisions internally and act on them because it is what they have (internally) chosen to do. I went to a gym for a while (it was at my university). The problem was that my students were all there, too! I had a great trainer but an insoluble problem. What was misdiagnosed (by a doctor!!!!) as piriformis syndrome was osteoarthritis of the hip so everything my trainer did to help made things worse. Now I have my own “gym” — an Airdyne, a yoga mat, two restless dogs and an empty golf course. So far so good!


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