Perspectives On…Understanding the True Colors Temperament During the Holidays

True Colors Temperament Assessment Represented by Holiday Ornaments

How many of you are in charge of running your home for the holidays? You know, planning, baking, decorating, shopping for food; not to mention buying gifts, then sorting and wrapping them all….the list goes on!

If YOU are the one in charge, there is a good reason. Sure, you can whine all you want, but secretly, you know if it were not for your organizational skills, the holidays in your home could be left wanting.

Did you know that humans fall into a particular temperament category?  No doubt you have taken some sort of personality or temperament assessment, at work, or school, or through some other organization.

In a previous post I introduced the four temperament types as popularized by True Colors™.

Here is a brief history. 24 centuries ago, in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates identified four different types of human beings. Carl Jung described these differences in 1921 in his publication Psychological Type. For the past 35 years, Dr. David Keirsey has been refining the work of Katherine C. Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Through the MBTI, its authors show that human behavior is orderly and can be characterized by different personality types. Dr. Keirsey, in his book Please Understand Me, described personality types in four groups. His work provides the basis for the True Colors™ assessment, founded by Don Lowry in 1978, which simplified the assessment and made it more fun.

Let’s take a brief look at what the colors symbolize. Most people find their temperament is strongest in one of these color groups.

BLUE— reflects complete calm, peace, harmony, contentment, deep feeling, empathy and belonging.

GOLD—symbolizes security, responsibility, organization, work, service, stability, sensibility and loyalty.

ORANGE—epitomizes vibrancy, energy, action, commands attention right now, danger, openness and movement.

GREEN—embodies wisdom and knowledge, nature, growing, complexity, abundance, power, creativity and designing ideas.

This is a reblog of my post from December 2013, with links to each color type.

“Need to manage a house full of family and friends representing all four of the True Color temperaments during the busy holiday season? Remember these tips to get you started. While cooking and decorating, keep these thoughts in mind!

Before Greens put up the lights, they will want to count each light, plug them in and check that they all work…this could take a while. Our lovely Blue friends will be in the kitchen baking up some holiday cheer, while Oranges are already snowboarding and are nowhere to be found! Golds want to manage it all and keep everyone on task with a holiday-inspired checklist.

Just be aware and don’t take it personally. During times of stress, we can’t help ourselves!”

Once you understand your particular temperament, whether you are Blue, Orange, Gold or Green, you can further understand the people with whom you work and live!

With all this in mind, please enjoy your holidays!

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