Perspectives On…Pearl Harbor Day

Seventy-three years ago on December 7, 1941, pilots of the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed the naval base in Honolulu’s Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack, killing 2,350 people. Heralded as “a date that will live in infamy,” the United States of America declared war on Japan and entered into World War Two.

I had the opportunity a few years ago to visit the Arizona Memorial. Did you know the memorial is a National Park? To visit is free. When you visit the memorial, you are ushered in to a large auditorium where you are shown a movie with historical (and very emotional) footage of the attack. After 15 minutes, the crowd is again ushered to another waiting area where visitors are taken by boat out the memorial. The memorial venue is set just above where the USS Arizona sank. Below is a photo I took as we walked to the entrance of the memorial.

U.S.S. Arizona
U.S.S. Arizona

Once you are on the memorial structure, there is the museum with the names engraved into the marble walls. As you stand directly over the rails of the memorial, you look down onto the actual ship itself. It is said that over 1200 souls are still at rest inside the ship. Globs of oil from the ship’s boiler still bubble to the surface in some places.

FH010030 If you go to Oahu, make it a point to see this incredible piece of history that impacted the entire world.

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  1. You title reads Perspective on… There are all sorts of perspectives: that that Pearl Harbor was NOT a surprise, that even more would have died if it was another day of the week, why didn’t the second wave of enemy aircraft come back to finish the job? All sorts of things for your readers to discuss.


  2. Impressive! I watched for the 2nd time the historical documentary on Pearl Harbor, shown last night on national geographic TV.
    What a tragedy. Paradoxically, those lives helped saving many more, as it was only with the entry of the USA that WW2 could end. Eternal gratitude.

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